Family of Three!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Our new lives....

So much has been going on since we've moved to the DC area. I am now a fourth grade teacher and Hector has his dream job of animating in video games. We live in Lorton, Virginia.... far far far away from both of our works. Hector commutes about 1 hour and half to work and I commute about 45 minutes. Both of us work in Maryland ... go figure! We hope to move this summer to Columbia Maryland which well be awesome for both of us. We got engage this year! 1/25/09.. here's a picture of my ring!

I am super excited and cannot wait to our wedding! As of right now we are planning on getting married next march! So we have year left! I have a lot of wedding planning to do but I think I have a wonderful group of girls that will help me with everything! So this year has been a crazy year as you can tell.. I am teaching 4th grade at Langley Park McCormick elementary school. I teach 35 amazing students! Keep in mind that these pictures are of from crazy hair day!

since moving to this area we have since seen old friends and made new friends. My work wife.. or good friend is Megan Gallo... We work and carpool together. I would go crazy if I didn't have her around. Hector and I hang out with Megan and her fiance Daniel FRANK Lucus.... We see them just about every weekend.... they are super cool.

So today Hector, lilo, and I went to DC to walk around. We saw many cherry blossoms! They are amazing.. if you get a chance to see them you should!! They have inspired me to paint! Hector really wants his dad to come see them.. because he too will want to paint them! Until next time!


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