Family of Three!

Monday, February 28, 2011

The kids are growing on me!

So for a while I wasn't a big fan of my students this school year. They are very different from my students in the past. Its as if they wanted to challenge me every step of the way... I was frustrated with their attitude towards me and the fact that they didn't seem to ever listen to me.

Each day I go into my class ready to teach my students and hope that they learn something from me. I go in motivated and wanted them to succeed. Every day as a class we talk about ways to be a team and how to treat each other. We sing some songs... including our LSU fight song because I am trying to make them want to go college. Finally I am feeling like they are actually listening to me teach and they all seem to want to go to college. The student I least expected to like... I now LOVE! He is an amazing student and I have seen how much he has grown since the beginning of the year.

This school year has been a challenge and I am still not done. I enjoy the challenge even though I sometimes just want to give up. These are students who at times are broken and I have to figure out ways to fix them or at least help them. Good thing I love puzzles!


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