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Saturday, August 18, 2012

11 Weeks

11 Weeks! 
This week we went to the doctor and got to hear the heart beat for the first time.
It was unbelievable! The baby's heart was beating super fast! 
I just want to keep hearing the baby's heart beat every second of the day. 
Hector and I can't wait to meet the baby in March!

I got the following questions off of a blog I read called Little Baby Garvin. Check it out!

How far along? 11 Weeks
Total weight gain: 3 lbs
Maternity clothes? Not yet! But my pants are feeling pretty snug now! 
Stretch Marks? NO! I don't want them and I put Cocoa butter every night. 
Sleep: I have some trouble sleeping but it's not bad. I just can't always get comfortable. I also get up all the time to pee!
Best moment this week: Hearing the heartbeat for the first time!
Miss anything? Deli meat! I think it's only because I can't have it! 
Movement: Not yet. Can't wait to feel the first kick!
Food cravings: Anything and everything sweet! What's new? 
Anything making you queasy or sick?  Going to Wegmans ...BLAH!
Gender prediction: Both of us think it's a girl. 
Labor signs: No way!
Symptoms: Gas! Always burping. 
Belly button in or out? In... It better stay that way!
Looking forward to: Buying baby furniture. 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

9 weeks (July 31st)

Today we went to the doctors to have our first ultrasound!
My appointment was early in the morning.  I had to drink 32 oz of water before I went in.
 This was NOT fun!!! I actually laughed when they told me to do this.
 I was like seriously? You want me to drink that much water and not pee!
But I had to do what they told me to do in order to see the baby.
 I almost peed myself waiting but no worries I didn't pee my pants.
 It was the most amazing experience to see the baby.
 It was so tiny but it already had arms and legs.
The best part was when the doctor said "sometimes they move but it's rare."
That is the exact moment that the baby started to move it's arm and legs. Sooooo AMAZING!
My baby is going to come out a soccer player and/or dancer!
I am still feeling really pretty good.
 Uterus is growing and no real cravings yet.
Here's a picture of the ultrasound!
It looks like a peanut but when it moved you could see the arms and legs.
 The heart was going 171 beats per minute. Very fast! We still haven't heard it yet but we will get to hear it once I am 11 weeks. Can't wait!

7 weeks (July 23)

Still feeling great! No morning sickness!
This week my baby is growing arms and legs! Unbelievable!
He/She is about the size a blueberry!
Getting bigger and bigger!
Ofcourse nothing is showing yet but it does look like my uterus has expanded some.
I am not longer cramping... thank the lord!!! I didn't like them.
 We have officially told all of our immediate family!
Went to Minnesota to tell Hectors parents and brother last week.
Told my parents and siblings this week.
We gave all the parents a book with a note that said " Please read me when I get here! Love baby Antunez"
It took the dads a longer time to figure it out! It was kinda funny! Especially because it was a book called How to Babysit a Grandpa. I thought it was a given... Wouldn't you?
The mom's got a book called Ten Little Toes and Ten Little Fingers
Here is a picture of the note inside:

Everyone is super happy!
This makes me smile! I just keep thinking of what is next to come.
It's an amazing feeling to think I will have a child in 7 months but it's still scary.
Things are going to change a lot! A whole different challenge! 
This week I am finally going to the doctors. So exciting! The doctor won't see me until I am 8 weeks along.
Wish me luck!
Pretty soon everyone will know!

Going into 6 Weeks (July 12th)

Just about to finish week 5 and entering week 6.
 This past week my baby is the size of a sesame seed! WOW!
This coming week my baby is going to develop his/her nose, mouth, and ears! And will be the size of a lentil bean. The baby's heart will be beating and his/her brain, muscle, and bones will be forming.
 This is unbelievable!
 I can't believe that something that small is changing my body.
Thank goodness I have no morning sickness yet and hopefully it stays that way!
We still cannot believe this is happening!
 We are super excited and ready for the challenge. It's very scary but I know we can do it.

This week Hector and I have been trying to figure out how we are telling everyone.
Our top priority is telling our immediate family. Our parents and siblings.
 We know they are going to be ecstatic and cannot wait to share the story on here!
 Until then....

 PS- By the time you are reading these post we would have announced it to people.

Birthday Surprise! July 1st, 2012

I am officially 27 years old!
I had a great birthday celebration.
Spent my actual birthday in Philly taking a math workshop.
 I came home that evening and went to dinner with Hector, Megan, and Danny at a delicious bistro!
That night a huge storm hit us and took out our power.
It was disgustingly hot and made our cat very sick. :(
The next day we went to my mom's house to eat some yummy food for my b-day.
My brother helped my mom cook  in order to learn how to cook and I helped too.
 Little did I know I was cooking something in my belly too. 
Yup you read that right!
 I had been feeling very different for two weeks prior to my birthday.
Boobs were growing and my face was breaking out.
I also had unusual cramps a week before my period was due.
I was starting to suspect that I was pregnant.
The morning after we ate at my moms I decided to take a test.
 It was 5:40 am and I really needed to pee.
 The moment of truth...
I was scared, nervous, and excited to take the test.
My heart was racing... but I had to take the test.
 Hector waited patiently in our office ( we slept there bc of having no power)
 We had to wait a total of 3 minutes.
 Longest 3 minutes of my life!
I was either going to be extremely excited or extremely dissapointed.
 I looked at the test and saw a big fat +
It took Hector a little time to figure it out.
 He kept saying "what does this mean?what does this mean?"
Then he was like "OH MAN YOUR PREGNANT!"
We hugged and got teary eyed.
 We couldn't believe it!
We knew we wanted to have a kid but we weren't planning on it right away.
I cannot express how excited I am right now!
I knew I wasn't going crazy!
 Baby Antunez due March 2013!!
Size of baby: Poppy Seed
Note: Date on the title is the date originally written before this went public!


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