Family of Three!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Playdate with Sophie!

Desmond loves playdates! 
In August we went over to Sophie's house for a play date for not only Desmond but for me! 
Liz and I had been trying to figure out something crafty for us to make and we decided on a wreath. I made a yarn wreath and she made a wreath out of twine. She made a letter H out of styrofoam. It came out awesome! I need to make a letter A wreath. We drank some wine and ate some yummy snacks. The dads watched the babies as we did our wreaths. It was a lot of fun! Maybe next time more people join and maybe I can whip out my sewing machine. Ha! 

Longwood Garden trip

On August 9th Hector and I took Desmond to Longwood Gardens for the first time. 
We went with Marian and Filippo Jr.
Once we were there we met up with some more friends and toured the garden.
This was the second time Hector and I have been there before for our babymoon.
Read all about that trip  here!
 I highly recommend going there. It's beautiful, colorful, and full of butterflies.
Here are some awesome pictures of our trip!


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