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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

We moved!

We finally moved to Maryland.... why you may ask? Well because we both work in Maryland... We moved to Columbia, Maryland. Its about 20 minutes away from my school and 30 minutes away from Hectors' Job. So it's pretty awesome! The only thing that sucks is that I no longer will have my partner and crime to keep me company in the car.. but its ok.. we both teach first grade! Yup you heard me! I teach first grade! School starts August 25th and believe me or not.. I am super excited! I can't wait to see my previous students and see my new ones. It just be a fun year! A lot has change since I last wrote... Stephanie ( my sister) now lives with us.. which is nice... We are saving money with her staying with us... YES!
We have done a lot since summer vacation ( for samantha) has started. We've celebrated Samantha's Birthday... we've gone to a Honduras soccer game... we've plan our wedding... I was even a nanny... never again! lol
We now have a location for our wedding its the Ceresville Mansion... Its a great place for our ceremony and reception. The wedding is one March 28, 2009... If you want more information on that.. visit our wedding website..

Harry potter picture


My birthday

Soco and lime shots



Friday, May 15, 2009

wedding... wedding... wedding...

Wedding is in the air.... we have a lot of planning to do.. can you believe we its 10 months away? well... we can't! We are hoping to get a location soon... the place we like is called Raspberry Plain... it's a historical mansion and it is beautiful... BTW Does anyone want to donate some money in to the "Samantha and Hector need a wedding" fund? I will love you to death... I did not know how much money this would cost... its amazing how things end up.. if someone has any tips on how to make this cheaper let me know!!

Anyways I HAVE MY Dress!!! woohoo!! i went wedding dress shopping with Stephanie, Vicky , and Megan... We had fun! Here's a picture.. but don't worry its not the dress!!

I had a lot of fun and I am super excited I got my dress!

Soo.. The same group of girls also went to the B Spears concert! We had lots of fun as well.. here's a picture of us hot girls!

Anyways I will keep you posted on what what we are doing with our lives!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Fire alarm Monday night!

So on Monday night around 12:30 am the fire alarm went off to awake Hector and I! It was not fun! First of all it was scary because we were not sure if there was a fire so I quickly got up and checked the walls... While Hector checked the hall way. He opened the door and saw a river of water... yes a river of water flowing across the hall way... So I grabbed Lilo and Hector grabbed Nani.. we went outside a long with our neighbors because we heard the firemen... Man was it cold! The alarms finally went off about tens minutes later and we went inside... It took me forever to fall back asleep... ( side note : did you know there was a new hills coming on? ) Anyways.. maybe an hour later we got a loud knock on the door... Hector went to go answer it and it was the managers and they wanted to know if we had water in our apartment... and he said no... Then they asked him if we had any flowing into our front closet... WE DID!!! soo we had to take all the boxes out.. They are now in our living room... soo this is the story of our life.... crazy things happen to us!!!! PS- 2 more days till spring break!!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Our new lives....

So much has been going on since we've moved to the DC area. I am now a fourth grade teacher and Hector has his dream job of animating in video games. We live in Lorton, Virginia.... far far far away from both of our works. Hector commutes about 1 hour and half to work and I commute about 45 minutes. Both of us work in Maryland ... go figure! We hope to move this summer to Columbia Maryland which well be awesome for both of us. We got engage this year! 1/25/09.. here's a picture of my ring!

I am super excited and cannot wait to our wedding! As of right now we are planning on getting married next march! So we have year left! I have a lot of wedding planning to do but I think I have a wonderful group of girls that will help me with everything! So this year has been a crazy year as you can tell.. I am teaching 4th grade at Langley Park McCormick elementary school. I teach 35 amazing students! Keep in mind that these pictures are of from crazy hair day!

since moving to this area we have since seen old friends and made new friends. My work wife.. or good friend is Megan Gallo... We work and carpool together. I would go crazy if I didn't have her around. Hector and I hang out with Megan and her fiance Daniel FRANK Lucus.... We see them just about every weekend.... they are super cool.

So today Hector, lilo, and I went to DC to walk around. We saw many cherry blossoms! They are amazing.. if you get a chance to see them you should!! They have inspired me to paint! Hector really wants his dad to come see them.. because he too will want to paint them! Until next time!


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