Family of Three!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Fire alarm Monday night!

So on Monday night around 12:30 am the fire alarm went off to awake Hector and I! It was not fun! First of all it was scary because we were not sure if there was a fire so I quickly got up and checked the walls... While Hector checked the hall way. He opened the door and saw a river of water... yes a river of water flowing across the hall way... So I grabbed Lilo and Hector grabbed Nani.. we went outside a long with our neighbors because we heard the firemen... Man was it cold! The alarms finally went off about tens minutes later and we went inside... It took me forever to fall back asleep... ( side note : did you know there was a new hills coming on? ) Anyways.. maybe an hour later we got a loud knock on the door... Hector went to go answer it and it was the managers and they wanted to know if we had water in our apartment... and he said no... Then they asked him if we had any flowing into our front closet... WE DID!!! soo we had to take all the boxes out.. They are now in our living room... soo this is the story of our life.... crazy things happen to us!!!! PS- 2 more days till spring break!!!


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