Family of Three!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Francesca Meets Desmond!

Two weeks ago Desmond got to meet his Cousin....Tia.... ( not sure what to call her since she's my cousin) FRANCESCA! 
We drove down to Virginia and went to the Guzzone's house. 
 We always have a blast seeing our family and eating yummy food! 
Desmond absolutely LOVED being carried by Francesca! Especially sleeping in her arms....  And the rest of the family.
Thanks for letting us come by! 

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Desmond's Nursery

I realized that I never blogged about Desmond's nursery... Probably because it was still a work in progress since he came early. We painted the room green with the help of Danny back in late October before we knew we were having a boy. Then little by little with the help of family we got the crib and all the other accessories. Most of the furniture and accessories are from Babies-R-Us. The night stand is from Ikea. We went with a jungle theme. The tree decals didn't go up until after Desmond was born. Mostly because the person who made it off ETSY made a mistake and we had received the new one the week Desmond was born. Go Figure! It took us a month to put the tree up... It was not fun to put each leaf one by one. But I think it looks really nice!  Here are some pictures of the what the nursery looks now. 

Desmond is 3 Months!

Pictures of his 3rd month! Enjoy!


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