Family of Three!

Monday, December 10, 2012

27 Weeks! 13 Weeks To Go!

I took a picture with no chalk board this week because I need to repaint it. So I thought it would be fun and festive to take a picture in front of our Christmas tree. 

How far along?  27 Weeks!!!! Can we slow it down already! 
Maternity clothes? Nothing new! 
Stretch Marks? No thank God!
Sleep: Constantly waking up... Blah... You would think I had a baby to feed! 
Best moment this week: Seeing Eleanor! I love babies! This weekend we went to the Sims house. We had a great time visiting and seeing the baby. I can't believe he will be here in 3 months!
Miss anything? Nothing worrying about what I eat. I am always making sure I am eating healthy and that I don't eat things that give me heat burn
Movement: He must be doing cart wheels!
Food cravings: Chex Mix!
Anything making you queasy or sick?  Nothing!
Gender : Baby Boy!!!!!!
Labor signs: No way!
Symptoms: Back ache.... and headaches at night... Can't wait to see the doctor and see if he has any ideas... 
Belly button in or out? Out.. :/  So soon!
Looking forward to: Entering my third trimester and celebrating my 11 years of dating Hector this Wednesday! Yikes!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

26 weeks... 14 weeks to go!

26 weeks! This means I have 14 weeks to go. I cannot wait to hold my bundle of joy in 14 weeks! 
I know Desmond will be a ball of energy! He moves so much... Hector believes he's just remodeling my belly. Ha! 14 weeks may seem far away to most but to me it feels like it's just around the corner!  Which can be both overwhelming and exciting.  
Time to answer some questions... I know you are dying to read all about it!
How far along? 26 Weeks 2 weeks away from my third trimester! 
Maternity clothes? Always on a look out for something cute. 
Stretch Marks? No but I feel like my skin cannot stretch anymore!
Sleep: I was sleeping pretty well but my back is starting to hurt so most positions are not too comfortable.  
Best moment this week: Putting the crib together! Now we have the dresser and the crib in the room. I just want to decorate! You can see the dresser in the picture. 
Miss anything? Sleep! Wearing a bra a feeling comfortable... 
Movement: All the time! Except for when people want to feel him kick. He gets shy! 
Food cravings: Chocolate.... What else is new? 
Anything making you queasy or sick?  Nothing!
Gender : Baby Boy!!!!!!
Labor signs: No way!
Symptoms: Back ache and I am starting to get headaches again! BLAH
Belly button in or out? I think it's officially an outie?!?! It's not all the way popped out but it's definitely not an innie. 
Looking forward to: Entering my third trimester! I also can't wait for the holidays!

I am currently in my 27th week but I haven't taken my picture yet so I will blog about my current week by tomorrow! This coming week I will be entering my third trimester! Oh and I am meeting Dr. Rojas! Finally!!! You will read more about him tomorrow! Happy Sunday!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Monday, November 26, 2012

25 Weeks! 15 weeks to go!

I can't believe it... I am 25 weeks! Boy does the time fly by! I also realized I never took a picture of 24 weeks. OPS! I need to get better at it but I am very forgetful and tired.  I hope you enjoy my picture.  

PS- I am currently working on my registry... if you have any advise please leave me comments! I am overwhelmed by the amount of babies stuff you can find!
How far along? 25 Weeks... How much bigger can I get?!?!?!
Maternity clothes? I bought jeans and a winter coat! I don't want to buy anymore clothes. I should just wear Hector's clothes! Thoughts?!?!
Stretch Marks? Nope! Let's hope it stays that way!
Sleep:Very very uncomfortable! I bought myself a pregnancy pillow. It was a great investment. Buy one! 
Best moment this week: Picking up the dresser and crib! The room is finally looking like a nursery. I also really really enjoyed spending time with family for Thanksgiving! I want to see all of my family more often! I think it would make Desmond even happier!
Miss anything? Sleep!
Movement: He is moving all the time! I can't believe I have a living thing in me! He's growing fast. 
Food cravings: Nothing in particular. 
Anything making you queasy or sick?  Nothing!
Gender : Baby Boy!!!!!!
Labor signs: No way!
Symptoms: Feet and back ache
Belly button in or out? In... but definitely not for long.. UGH
Looking forward to: Deciding on how to arrange the room and paint the tree. Any suggestions? 

Hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving!!!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

21, 22, 23 Weeks!

Wow! It's been a long time since I've blogged! I finally have time to blog and you can see some belly pictures. YAY! A lot has happened since I last blogged... Unfortunately I do not have any pictures from week 21. Boo I know! I was actually feeling pretty sick that week. Its crazy how easily I can get sick now.  The thing about getting sick now is that I can't really take much to make me feel better. I just have to let it ride it's course. YUCK!  That following week was the week of Hurricane Sandy. So I did get two extra days of rest to feel better which was a success. Although having no electricity was no bueno. It was cold outside... therefore it was cold inside. It seems to amaze me how much we depend on electricity these days. Our whole world it is turned inside out when we don't have electricity. Crazy! 

Here's a picture of me at 22 weeks. He is getting big! At this point I was starting to feel my stomach start to tighter. If it's already feeling tight what am I going to fee at 30 weeks or beyond? Yikes! Sometimes I wish a stork will just drop off Desmond... Hey a girl can dream?!?! I am not saying I am not enjoying carrying Desmond around but I want to meet him already! I see my friends with kids and I can't wait to part of that. At this point Desmond is suppose to be 1 lb. but according to the doctor who did our ultrasound said he was 1 lb. at 20 weeks and he has long arms. SCARY! haha. He's going to be a big chubby boy. I love him already! Oh did I mention we started out registry at Babies-R-Us! WOOHOO! Have any suggestions on what we should have please please please let me know.  We are new parents and don't know what is necessary and what is not . HELP!

At 23 weeks I attending one of the most beautiful weddings! Hector's family was in town for the week as well.  We ended up driving to North Carolina for the wedding.  Normally I would love going on road trips but this was not the case. I was super uncomfortable the entire way. If I found a comfortable position it would last like 5 minutes.... it was awful. Remind me not to take a long road trip while pregnant again! I think I couldn't get comfortable because I shouldn't have been siting down for a long period of time. This rules out the idea of going to Savannah, Georgia next month! That is toooooooo long of a drive. So back to the wedding. The wedding was a lot of fun! I got see my family and party with them. Nothing like dancing again! Although I did have to take breaks.. haha.  I also had a lot of people touching my belly... It was hard to get use to. Instead of people hugging me to say hello or good morning they went straight to my belly and said hello to Desmond.  I guess I have to get use to it.  I didn't take a normal belly pictures but I have a ton of pictures from the wedding so you can still see the belly picture.  Here are some!!

How far along? 23 Weeks and getting bigger! 
Maternity clothes? I actually bought 5 different outfits from H&M! Who knew?!
Stretch Marks? No 
Sleep: I wake up a lot during the night because of Desmond kicking or just feeling uncomfortable. 
Best moment this week: Seeing my family at the wedding and buying a CRIB!!!!
Miss anything? Being able to dance and not getting tired. Blah. 
Movement:I think he's definitely going to be a soccer player. He moves all the time and he's getting stronger. What will it feel like in a month?
Food cravings: Chocolate!
Anything making you queasy or sick?  Nothing!
Gender : Baby Boy!!!!!!
Labor signs: No way!
Symptoms: Starting to feel tired again and achy. WHY!
Belly button in or out? In... but I think it's going to be a outie soon!
Looking forward to: Putting the crib and drawer together. I also can't wait for the nursery to start looking like a bedroom.

Monday, October 22, 2012

20 Weeks and Gender Reveal Party

This past week has been an amazing week. We found out the sex of the baby and had our gender reveal party. My friend from New Orleans also came to visit for the weekend!  Mallory came with a bag full of chocolate! A great treat for me! The gender reveal party was a success. We had family and close friends come over so we could reveal the baby's gender and name. Now everyone can finally know! It was a hard 3 days of not telling anyone. Want to know?!?! You're going to have to continue reading!!! I made some sugar cookies for people to take home and some cupcakes with the filling in the color of the babies gender. Here's some picture from the gender reveal...

 The cookies I made

 Everyone got to vote as they came...
 Here's the final votes!
 This is when we handed out the cupcakes to everyone...

 Everyone finding out... 

It's a boy! 
He's name is Hector Desmond Antunez. 
Here's some more pictures!
 Megan holding Eleanor!
 Opening gifts

 Practicing holding a baby!

He looks ready to be a daddy! We can't wait!

How far along? 20 Weeks! Half way there!

Maternity clothes? I need more pants or larger pants!
Stretch Marks? No but I am afraid to get them because I getting so big! 
Sleep: I sleep well except for the part of peeing all the time! AHH!
Best moment this week: Finding out we were having a baby boy and telling our friends and family!
Miss anything? Deli meat! Everyone seem to enjoy it on Saturday!
Movement: I've been feeling lots of movement these past 3 days. He's going to be a soccer player!
Food cravings: Nothing in particular!
Anything making you queasy or sick?  Nope THANK GOD!
Gender : Baby Boy!!!!!!
Labor signs: No way!
Symptoms: Nothing new! My back is feeling achy. 
Belly button in or out? In... I am afraid it will be out in the coming month. 
Looking forward to: Buying baby furniture and buying baby clothes!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

19 Weeks!!!

I know I didn't post last week but it's been crazy. A lot has happened in the past two weeks. And look at my belly... it's gotten sooo much bigger! This coming week is my halfway mark and we are finding out the gender! What do you believe it is?? Leave me comments!

How far along? 19 Weeks

Maternity clothes? Just a dress for the wedding!
Stretch Marks? Nothing. Which is amazing!
Sleep: Sleep has been okay but my hips have been hurting so it's been very uncomfortable to sleep on my side.  
Best moment this week: Feeling what I believe is the baby kicking! If you look at the picture you can see we painted the nursery! Best week ever! 
Miss anything? wearing regular clothes without being self conscious 
Movement: I believe I have felt the baby kick. FINALLY! 
Food cravings: Chocolate milk! YUMMY! 
Anything making you queasy or sick? Nope
Gender prediction: At this point we are going to be happy either way! We just can't wait to hold the bundle of joy!
Labor signs: No 
Symptoms: Peeing all the time! I feel like I can't stop!  My hips have been hurting as well. I've also feeling cramps. 
Belly button in or out? In
Looking forward to:  Finding the gender out this coming Wednesday and having our gender reveal party next Saturday!  Make some predictions!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

17 weeks! Almost halfway there!

I know I am a little late but i've been super lazy! Hey I have an excuse! On a good note my good friend from Louisiana told me yesterday that she will be coming 19th of this month! She wants to be here when we reveal the baby's gender and name! It's so exciting! Can't wait for both!

How far along? 17 Weeks

Maternity clothes? Nothing new! Mostly it's the pants that are fitting uncomfortable! Ugh!
Stretch Marks? NOPE! But my belly is getting bigger!
Sleep: sleep has been okay... I am now waking up more to pee! I feel like all I do is pee! 
Best moment this week: Finding out that Mallory is coming to town this month! YAHOO!
Miss anything? This week there isn't much I miss but a good night sleep and not feeling achy all the time! 
Movement: I don't think so... I really wish I did. Although I felt something really weird this past week on my upper stomach. I am thinking maybe I felt the baby flip.. now that the the baby is apparently changing positions. Who knows?!?! I just want to feel the baby kick! 
Food cravings: Chocolate! 
Anything making you queasy or sick?  Not so much! Good news... I can go to Wegmans again! 
Gender prediction: Both of us think it's a girl. But we will find out soon! 15 days exact!
Labor signs: No way!
Symptoms: Peeing all the time!
Belly button in or out? In
Looking forward to:  Feeling the baby kick! 

Sunday, September 23, 2012

16 Weeks!

This weeks has been a great week.  My belly has really popped out and people have really noticed it. It's official I look pregnant!! I tried to keep it from my students and parents but this week parents and students started to ask questions. I had a home visit this week and a parent hugged me and was like "Don't want to offend you but are you expecting?" So I had to tell her.  The following day I had a former student come up to me and was like " Ms. Antunez... Your belly is getting fat!" I was like uhhh it's not fat! It's a baby! And she was like "Oh my!"  What a week!

How far along? 16 Weeks

Maternity clothes? I bought 1 tank top that is maternity. The rest of the clothes I bought it normal with some room to grow. Luckily it's the style now!
Stretch Marks? NOPE! 
Sleep: sleep has been okay... I am finally feeling better just have a cough.
Best moment this week: Telling my students and testing two different colors of paints on the wall. This means next week we will officially paint the nursery! 
Miss anything? This week I am not missing much but maybe wearing clothes and not being self conscious about it. 
Movement: I don't think so. 
Food cravings: Chocolate milk! 
Anything making you queasy or sick?  Still brushing my teeth 
Gender prediction: Both of us think it's a girl. 
Labor signs: No way!
Symptoms: Headaches but now I have a prescription! YES!  
Belly button in or out? In
Looking forward to:  Finally painting the nursery and feeling the baby kick! 

Monday, September 17, 2012

15 Weeks!

So unfortunately I didn't take a picture this past week because I have to repaint my chalk board.  But I can say that the belly bump is officially very visible! It's crazy! I love it!  Don't worry you will get to see a belly picture on my next post! I don't think I can hide it from my students parents for very long. This week was a very long week! I was glad to see the weekend.  This week I  got to go to the doctors again and hear the heart beat which is so unreal.  I  can't believe that I am on my second trimester.  In exactly a month from today I will know the sex of the baby.  We have names picked out but we are keeping it a secret until the baby is born.  Hector and I have decided that we want a gender reveal party.  This is a party where we reveal the baby's sex.  :):) If you have any suggestions please leave me comments! Especially if you have done one before. If you would like to help.... All help is welcomed!!!  Okay now for the questions...

How far along? 15 Weeks
Total weight gain: 6 lbs
Maternity clothes? YUP!!! I got two pair of pants this weekend. I had to buy some because I couldn't zip and of my pants up. It was a sad week... 
Stretch Marks? NO !
Sleep: I've been feeling sick so i've been extremely congested so it's been long nights! blah . I blame the flu shot! 
Best moment this week: Hearing the heart beat of the baby!
Miss anything? This week I am missing WINE! I went to a vineyard with Hector, Megan, and Danny... Don't worry I did not drink!  But I did smell the wines... They smelled delicious.... I enjoyed the afternoon at the vineyard and ate lots of cheese and crackers.  I want to go back... but I definitely miss drinking the wine. But not drinking is worth the wait! I would stop drinking forever if I had to!
Movement: Not yet..or at least I don't think so. But i've also heard that new time mommy's cannot tell the difference between gas and stomach aches and kicks at first. So for all I know the baby is kicking!
Food cravings: Nothing in particular... 
Anything making you queasy or sick?  Still brushing my teeth 
Gender prediction: Both of us think it's a girl. 
Labor signs: No way!
Symptoms: Headaches!!!!Ugh I hate it! I've already told the doctor and might get on a prescription. 
Belly button in or out? In... Let's hope it stays that way. 
Looking forward to:  Feeling the baby kick! I hope it happens soon!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

14 Weeks

How far along? 14 Weeks
Total weight gain: 6 lbs
Maternity clothes? Nope not yet. But I think it's in the near future. My clothes is feeling tight
Stretch Marks? NO !
Sleep: Still sleeping good. I just wake up to pee
Best moment this week: Entering my 2nd trimester!Deciding on nursery wall color. Deciding on crib!  
Miss anything? This week I am missing sushi... Strange because I don't eat much of it. But I want some right now. 
Movement: Not yet... But apparently the baby is moving a lot! I can't wait to feel it move!
Food cravings: This week it's all about Chinese food! 
Anything making you queasy or sick?  Still brushing my teeth and smelly students!
Gender prediction: Both of us think it's a girl. 
Labor signs: No way!
Symptoms: Stomach ache... My stomach is actually feeling higher then before. I am also getting out of breath walking up stairs. 
Belly button in or out? In
Looking forward to: Going to the doctor this week and hearing the heart beat again. I also think we will be painting this up coming weekend! FINALLY! 

Sunday, September 2, 2012

13 weeks

How far along? 13 Weeks
Total weight gain: 4 lbs
Maternity clothes? Nope but I see it in the near future. Especially with my jeans!
Stretch Marks? NO WAY! Cocoa butter all the way!
Sleep: I've been sleeping much better now. Let's hope it stays that way for a while.  I got a full body pillow too! YES
Best moment this week: Looking at things for the nursery! Also wearing my LSU maternity t-shirt that says " I love my LSU baby. The Future is bright!" So cute! 
Miss anything? Drinking caffeine when ever I really want it! 
Movement: Not yet. 
Food cravings: Caramel 
Anything making you queasy or sick?  Brushing my teeth! The foam makes me gag. 
Gender prediction: Both of us think it's a girl. 
Labor signs: No way!
Symptoms: cramps every now at then
Belly button in or out? In
Looking forward to: Entering my 2nd trimester this coming week! I can't wait! Although this is going way too fast! 

Saturday, August 18, 2012

11 Weeks

11 Weeks! 
This week we went to the doctor and got to hear the heart beat for the first time.
It was unbelievable! The baby's heart was beating super fast! 
I just want to keep hearing the baby's heart beat every second of the day. 
Hector and I can't wait to meet the baby in March!

I got the following questions off of a blog I read called Little Baby Garvin. Check it out!

How far along? 11 Weeks
Total weight gain: 3 lbs
Maternity clothes? Not yet! But my pants are feeling pretty snug now! 
Stretch Marks? NO! I don't want them and I put Cocoa butter every night. 
Sleep: I have some trouble sleeping but it's not bad. I just can't always get comfortable. I also get up all the time to pee!
Best moment this week: Hearing the heartbeat for the first time!
Miss anything? Deli meat! I think it's only because I can't have it! 
Movement: Not yet. Can't wait to feel the first kick!
Food cravings: Anything and everything sweet! What's new? 
Anything making you queasy or sick?  Going to Wegmans ...BLAH!
Gender prediction: Both of us think it's a girl. 
Labor signs: No way!
Symptoms: Gas! Always burping. 
Belly button in or out? In... It better stay that way!
Looking forward to: Buying baby furniture. 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

9 weeks (July 31st)

Today we went to the doctors to have our first ultrasound!
My appointment was early in the morning.  I had to drink 32 oz of water before I went in.
 This was NOT fun!!! I actually laughed when they told me to do this.
 I was like seriously? You want me to drink that much water and not pee!
But I had to do what they told me to do in order to see the baby.
 I almost peed myself waiting but no worries I didn't pee my pants.
 It was the most amazing experience to see the baby.
 It was so tiny but it already had arms and legs.
The best part was when the doctor said "sometimes they move but it's rare."
That is the exact moment that the baby started to move it's arm and legs. Sooooo AMAZING!
My baby is going to come out a soccer player and/or dancer!
I am still feeling really pretty good.
 Uterus is growing and no real cravings yet.
Here's a picture of the ultrasound!
It looks like a peanut but when it moved you could see the arms and legs.
 The heart was going 171 beats per minute. Very fast! We still haven't heard it yet but we will get to hear it once I am 11 weeks. Can't wait!

7 weeks (July 23)

Still feeling great! No morning sickness!
This week my baby is growing arms and legs! Unbelievable!
He/She is about the size a blueberry!
Getting bigger and bigger!
Ofcourse nothing is showing yet but it does look like my uterus has expanded some.
I am not longer cramping... thank the lord!!! I didn't like them.
 We have officially told all of our immediate family!
Went to Minnesota to tell Hectors parents and brother last week.
Told my parents and siblings this week.
We gave all the parents a book with a note that said " Please read me when I get here! Love baby Antunez"
It took the dads a longer time to figure it out! It was kinda funny! Especially because it was a book called How to Babysit a Grandpa. I thought it was a given... Wouldn't you?
The mom's got a book called Ten Little Toes and Ten Little Fingers
Here is a picture of the note inside:

Everyone is super happy!
This makes me smile! I just keep thinking of what is next to come.
It's an amazing feeling to think I will have a child in 7 months but it's still scary.
Things are going to change a lot! A whole different challenge! 
This week I am finally going to the doctors. So exciting! The doctor won't see me until I am 8 weeks along.
Wish me luck!
Pretty soon everyone will know!

Going into 6 Weeks (July 12th)

Just about to finish week 5 and entering week 6.
 This past week my baby is the size of a sesame seed! WOW!
This coming week my baby is going to develop his/her nose, mouth, and ears! And will be the size of a lentil bean. The baby's heart will be beating and his/her brain, muscle, and bones will be forming.
 This is unbelievable!
 I can't believe that something that small is changing my body.
Thank goodness I have no morning sickness yet and hopefully it stays that way!
We still cannot believe this is happening!
 We are super excited and ready for the challenge. It's very scary but I know we can do it.

This week Hector and I have been trying to figure out how we are telling everyone.
Our top priority is telling our immediate family. Our parents and siblings.
 We know they are going to be ecstatic and cannot wait to share the story on here!
 Until then....

 PS- By the time you are reading these post we would have announced it to people.

Birthday Surprise! July 1st, 2012

I am officially 27 years old!
I had a great birthday celebration.
Spent my actual birthday in Philly taking a math workshop.
 I came home that evening and went to dinner with Hector, Megan, and Danny at a delicious bistro!
That night a huge storm hit us and took out our power.
It was disgustingly hot and made our cat very sick. :(
The next day we went to my mom's house to eat some yummy food for my b-day.
My brother helped my mom cook  in order to learn how to cook and I helped too.
 Little did I know I was cooking something in my belly too. 
Yup you read that right!
 I had been feeling very different for two weeks prior to my birthday.
Boobs were growing and my face was breaking out.
I also had unusual cramps a week before my period was due.
I was starting to suspect that I was pregnant.
The morning after we ate at my moms I decided to take a test.
 It was 5:40 am and I really needed to pee.
 The moment of truth...
I was scared, nervous, and excited to take the test.
My heart was racing... but I had to take the test.
 Hector waited patiently in our office ( we slept there bc of having no power)
 We had to wait a total of 3 minutes.
 Longest 3 minutes of my life!
I was either going to be extremely excited or extremely dissapointed.
 I looked at the test and saw a big fat +
It took Hector a little time to figure it out.
 He kept saying "what does this mean?what does this mean?"
Then he was like "OH MAN YOUR PREGNANT!"
We hugged and got teary eyed.
 We couldn't believe it!
We knew we wanted to have a kid but we weren't planning on it right away.
I cannot express how excited I am right now!
I knew I wasn't going crazy!
 Baby Antunez due March 2013!!
Size of baby: Poppy Seed
Note: Date on the title is the date originally written before this went public!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Rehoboth Beach

Now that summer is finally here I can go to the beach during the week just for the day!
Yesterday I went on day trip with my sister and Megan. 
We went to Rehoboth beach which is located in Delaware. 
 It's a very nice place to visit if you ever get a chance. 
There are lots of stores and yummy food on the boardwalk. 
You will smell the sweet popcorn as soon as you step out of the car.  
Don't worry if you have kids it's family friendly environment!
In fact I have a funny story for you...
A huge family came and sat right next to us.
And I mean huge!
In case you didn't know but I love people watching and I couldn't take my eyes off of them. 
 Well first they attempted to put their umbrella into the sand twice before giving up because it always flew away hitting people as it went. 
It was a windy day but perfect for sunbathing. 
Along with their flying umbrella there was a cute little boy approximately between the ages of 2 or 3 years old. 
His much older sister/cousin was sitting on the blanket just relaxing when out of nowhere the boy grabbed two fist full of sand and just threw it at her.
She obviously screamed but the kid thought it was funny and laughed. 
I hate to admit but I thought it was funny!
 I really don't think he knew any better. 
It was entertaining to watch. 

Either way we enjoyed our beach day and I hope to return soon! 
Our theme song for the trip was a song by Michel Telo:  Ai Se Eu Te Pego.
We heard it many times in both Portuguese and Spanish.
If you are not yet a fan listen to it!
You will love it! 
Once I got home I was happily surprised by a gift at my door from my friend Mallory! 
She made me a book with pictures of us in it. 
 I absolutely loved it! 
I have always made books for my friends and family and never ever got one until yesterday! 
What a great way to start my birthday festivities!
Yay for 27!
Happy Wednesday! 

Friday, June 22, 2012

Wreath take 2!

My sister saw the wreath I made and she wanted one of her own! 
 It almost look like the one on my door except it has some pink on it. 
I love making them. 
 Now it's time to learn how make other kinds of wreaths. 
Thank you Pinterest for all of your ideas!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

4th Year Of Teaching Complete!!

It's been a long time since I wrote a post. My apologies! 
April, May, and June were all very busy!
 I am officially in summer vacation! 
 I love  that it's summer time but I am really going to miss my students. 
 My students achieved so much this year. 
They rocked it out on the Math and Reading test!
80% in math and 87% in reading!
I even had one students grow 3 years in reading. 
This was my best year yet. 
 I cannot wait to see what next year will look like!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Surprise, Surprise!

Those who know me, know that I love surprises!!
I also love to give surprise to people!
Two weeks ago I flew into New Orleans and surprised my best friend in the world!
Thanks to her amazing husband I was able to accomplish my goal without her figuring it out.
He helped me set it all up.
I flew in Friday evening after work and arrived in NOLA at 11:30 PM.
Mallory welcomed me with a giant hug!
It made me so happy to see her.
We spent the weekend celebrating her birthday doing lots of fun things.
We went to a St. Patty's Parade--> this is almost like Mardi Gras but you also can get veggies thrown at you. Ha!
Then we ate at OTB... Where we first met!
Went shopping at Lakeside Mall and went to an Arena football game.
It took us a long time to figure out how the game worked but we really enjoyed ourselves.
It was fun stepping away from reality and enjoying the company of a great friend.
The only down side of going to NOLA was flying back!
I spent the whole day in the airport courtesy of my moms standby ticket.
This is not fun at all!
I just kept waiting for there to be available seats.

Here are some pictures for you to enjoy:

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Running again!

I am finally working out again.
I stopped after my knee started to hurt.
I did Zumba in the fall and loved it.
Then I went for a 2 mile run and injured my knee.
I've been wanting to workout again but have been nervous, anxious, and just plain lazy.
I know exercising is good for you but I just didn't feel like it.
My husband told me to stop making excuses and just start out slowly.
Yesterday I went on a power walk with my dog and today I ran a mile with my dog and husband.
My husband is now my personal trainer!
He made me run the mile...
Do push ups...
Sit ups...
and squats.
It's great to be starting up again.
Let's just hope I keep it up!
I am super excited for the weather to be nice and warm.
I cannot wait to ride my bike!
Who wants to exercise?!?!?!
Happy Tuesday!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My everyday wreath

I am very big at decorating for holidays!
I got this from my aunt Roxana! THANKS!
She has made me a spring wreath and a fall wreath.
This past Christmas I made a Christmas wreath and kept it up for Mardi Gras season.
If I had a house of my own I would make a wreath for every holiday but I don't.
So instead of making a bunch of wreaths, I decided to make an every wreath.
I've seen so many cute wreath made out of yarn and decided I needed one!
At first I was going to buy one Etsy but decided that this would be a great project for me!
I am always up for the challenge!
Hector and I went to the Michael's a week ago.
I went shopping for all the things I needed for the wreath
and the hubby got materials for drawing.
I love having an artistic husband!
He's an animator and wants to get good at drawing with pencils vs. animating on the computer.
He animates video games.
All you need is a wreath, yarn, and felt if you want to make the flowers.

The next part is very time consuming!
Keep the plastic wrap on the wreath so it's easier to manage when wrapping it with yarn.
I used my glue gun to glue the end of the yarn on to the wreath.
Make sure to let it dry before you begin the next step!
You can tie a knot if you do not have a glue gun.

Then you wrap the wreath with the yarn.
Make sure you wrap it tight.
I went over parts of it twice and it added lots of texture.
This took me over an hour to do.
( I was also watching a movie while wrapping the wreath)
It's very time consuming.

Once you have that part done you should be able to add any kind of decoration to it.
I added some felt flowers.
All you have to do is cut the felt into a 4x4 inch square.
Then you cut the square into a circle.
Then you cut into a spiral... starting off small and getting bigger.
Then you wrap it up and glue.
It's hard to explain without pictures.
You can always look up youtube videos.
Just look up How to make felt flowers.
Here is my finished project:

I cannot wait to make another one!
It was very fun to make.
If you want me to make you one let me know!
Just leave me a comment or email me.
Happy Monday!


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