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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Surprise, Surprise!

Those who know me, know that I love surprises!!
I also love to give surprise to people!
Two weeks ago I flew into New Orleans and surprised my best friend in the world!
Thanks to her amazing husband I was able to accomplish my goal without her figuring it out.
He helped me set it all up.
I flew in Friday evening after work and arrived in NOLA at 11:30 PM.
Mallory welcomed me with a giant hug!
It made me so happy to see her.
We spent the weekend celebrating her birthday doing lots of fun things.
We went to a St. Patty's Parade--> this is almost like Mardi Gras but you also can get veggies thrown at you. Ha!
Then we ate at OTB... Where we first met!
Went shopping at Lakeside Mall and went to an Arena football game.
It took us a long time to figure out how the game worked but we really enjoyed ourselves.
It was fun stepping away from reality and enjoying the company of a great friend.
The only down side of going to NOLA was flying back!
I spent the whole day in the airport courtesy of my moms standby ticket.
This is not fun at all!
I just kept waiting for there to be available seats.

Here are some pictures for you to enjoy:

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Running again!

I am finally working out again.
I stopped after my knee started to hurt.
I did Zumba in the fall and loved it.
Then I went for a 2 mile run and injured my knee.
I've been wanting to workout again but have been nervous, anxious, and just plain lazy.
I know exercising is good for you but I just didn't feel like it.
My husband told me to stop making excuses and just start out slowly.
Yesterday I went on a power walk with my dog and today I ran a mile with my dog and husband.
My husband is now my personal trainer!
He made me run the mile...
Do push ups...
Sit ups...
and squats.
It's great to be starting up again.
Let's just hope I keep it up!
I am super excited for the weather to be nice and warm.
I cannot wait to ride my bike!
Who wants to exercise?!?!?!
Happy Tuesday!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My everyday wreath

I am very big at decorating for holidays!
I got this from my aunt Roxana! THANKS!
She has made me a spring wreath and a fall wreath.
This past Christmas I made a Christmas wreath and kept it up for Mardi Gras season.
If I had a house of my own I would make a wreath for every holiday but I don't.
So instead of making a bunch of wreaths, I decided to make an every wreath.
I've seen so many cute wreath made out of yarn and decided I needed one!
At first I was going to buy one Etsy but decided that this would be a great project for me!
I am always up for the challenge!
Hector and I went to the Michael's a week ago.
I went shopping for all the things I needed for the wreath
and the hubby got materials for drawing.
I love having an artistic husband!
He's an animator and wants to get good at drawing with pencils vs. animating on the computer.
He animates video games.
All you need is a wreath, yarn, and felt if you want to make the flowers.

The next part is very time consuming!
Keep the plastic wrap on the wreath so it's easier to manage when wrapping it with yarn.
I used my glue gun to glue the end of the yarn on to the wreath.
Make sure to let it dry before you begin the next step!
You can tie a knot if you do not have a glue gun.

Then you wrap the wreath with the yarn.
Make sure you wrap it tight.
I went over parts of it twice and it added lots of texture.
This took me over an hour to do.
( I was also watching a movie while wrapping the wreath)
It's very time consuming.

Once you have that part done you should be able to add any kind of decoration to it.
I added some felt flowers.
All you have to do is cut the felt into a 4x4 inch square.
Then you cut the square into a circle.
Then you cut into a spiral... starting off small and getting bigger.
Then you wrap it up and glue.
It's hard to explain without pictures.
You can always look up youtube videos.
Just look up How to make felt flowers.
Here is my finished project:

I cannot wait to make another one!
It was very fun to make.
If you want me to make you one let me know!
Just leave me a comment or email me.
Happy Monday!

Piggy Bank : Teaching Money to first graders

Every year I always dread teaching money to my students.
No matter how prepared they are for it...
It can still be a challenge.
This year I tried to make it super engaging and interactive.
As always they use manipulatives.
Today they had to use pennies, nickels, and dimes to show the equivalence of a quarter.
I decided to use piggy banks to connect it to the real world.
They first started off with a big piggy bank and used manipulatives to show different ways to make 25 cents.
They really enjoyed putting their money in the piggy bank!
This was their guided practice.
For independent practice the students had two smaller piggy banks.
This time instead of manipulatives they used paper money.
They cut out the paper money and glued it onto the piggy banks.
They had to again show two different ways to make 25 cents.
In order for them to go to specials (Art) they had to complete an exit slip.
The exit slip made them go higher then 25 cents.
In the end all my students mastered it except for 2!!
Money is finally not dreadful!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Change a students life!

A fifth grade student at my school has ben given the opportunity to attend
People to People Student Ambassador this summer.
It's an amazing opportunity for him.
I am really excited to see a student at our school given this opportunity.
His name is Kevon Rucker and he is a fifth grader.
His little sister is in my class this year.
He comes from a very supportive and wonderful family.
Unfortunately this opportunity comes with a price tag...
His family doesn't have the resources to pay for this experience
but with your help and support we can send him.
Please help donate and give him a chance of a lifetime!
Go here to learn more about him and how to donate for such a great cause!
I promise to let you know how his trip goes.

Thank you!!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Photo Shoot

Last Sunday I got to do my very first photo shoot!
My brother is in a band and he wanted me to take pictures of him and his band.
Here's a sneak peak of my favorite pictures.
Photography is a hobby of mine and my only hope is to get better.
So please leave me feedback!

This first one is my favorite!!!!

Murder Mystery Party

Two weeks ago I attended a murder mystery party.
It was soo much fun!
If you haven't done it.. you must host one!
I can't wait for another murder mystery party!
Here are some pictures of a Murder Mystery Party my friend Megan hosted!

Reading information about our characters
Eating and reading still
The Dentist, The Gypsy, The Witch, and the girl who's husband was murdered!
My sister and my husband ( Frankenstein!)
The Mummy!
Not too excited to be wearing a Tutu! Ha

All of the boys!


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