Family of Three!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Earth science

Today we learned about the earth layers.
I first taught my students a rap which was very entertaining!
Then the students made an earth made out of a chocolate whopper, frosting, rice crispy, and hard shell chocolate syrup.
They had a lot of fun and knew all four layers by the end of the lesson!
Inner core, Outer core, Mantle, and crust!

Monday, December 5, 2011

I love teaching Math!!!

Today I had a lot of fun teaching math.
Well to be honest I love teaching math everyday!
Today I was teaching my students how to create a bar graph and then ask and answer questions about their graph.
To make it fun I gave each student a bag of skittles.
They first came up with questions they wanted to know about their bag of skittles on a post it.
They then made a bar graph using the skittles.
Once they finished their graphing they answered the questions they created.
They had a lot of fun!
Of course it helped that at the end they were allowed to eat their candy!
Does anyone else like teaching math?
I would always like some more ideas on more exciting ways to teach math concepts!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

This thanksgiving we celebrated at our house with my mom, Charlie, Stephanie, and Filippo Jr.
We cooked a corn casserole, Mashed potato, Sweet potato.
We got a precooked turkey because I did not have time to make one on my own.
All we had to do is put it in the oven for 2 hours.
Nice and easy.
My sister made a Mac and cheese and a pumpkin cheesecake.
This made me want to make my own cheesecake from scratch.
If you have any recipe please pass along.
Charlie made Sweet yams, Stuffing, and a broccoli casserole.
It was a great lunch and dinner.
We had a great time reminiscing of our childhood!
There was great laughs!
Thanksgiving is always fun when you have good company!!!!
Hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving as well!

Here are some pictures!

Saturday, December 3, 2011


So my aunt has been trying to get me to make my own wreath for a long time.
I was always scared of the challenge.
Why? I am not sure? I love making crafts!
So last weekend, I went to the Michael's and was going to buy a wreath.
Instead I decided on the spot that I would make my own!
Since LSU has been doing amazing this season I decided to make a purple and gold wreath.
It was a lot of fun!
I super glued everything on to a wreath.
Hector helped me making the ribbon. It was somewhat difficult.
People on youtube made it look tooooo easy!!
Here is the end result.
Geaux Tigers!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Different school year

It's been a while since I blogged... especially about my school. I don't have the words to express how great this school year is going. If you visited last year and came this year you would notice a big difference. Students are staying in the classroom and want to LEARN! Last year was very difficult but our effort as a staff has made a great difference. The students know our routines and know that we all work together. It makes me really happy that I stayed and got to see the big changes. I love my students and love my coworkers! We kick butt!!

Want to know how great our school is?!?!?! We made a music video and entered a contest! Last year we would have never been able to work as a school and make this video. The kids loved it! I believe we deserve to win! You can help us out by voting every single day and sharing the link with your family and friends. All you have to do is go to the following link and search for Stanton Elementary school. Thanks in advance for all your help!!! PS- my kiddies are the one's in the yellow shirt!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

2011 summer is ending!!

This summer has quickly come to an end... It has been an amazing summer! I got to travel to multiple places and relax from a crazy school year. Went to Cape Cod late June... New Orleans in mid July... Then to Miami in August! All of my trips were fun!

It was extremely exciting to be able to visit New Orleans 3 years after leaving. I got to see many friends! I arrived in New Orleans and was welcomed by my bestie Mallory! She drove me to Baton Rouge so that I could start out my visit with Linda Dick!! Mallory, Sierra, and I had like a 3 hour meal at CCG. We didn't eat the entire time... we just had a lot of catching up to do. That night Linda took me out to TIGER LAND! What?! It was interesting to say the least... Let's just say I saw college girls drinking WINE at a bar.. It was very strange to see because that is very rare to see girls drinking wine out of a wine glass dancing in a packed bar. Either way it was fun to dance and people watch! Oh and did I mention that they allow smoking in the bar? WOW! I completely forgot that Louisiana still allowed it. In case you weren't aware... I HATE THE SMELL OF SMOKE! Yuck! I spent 4 wonderful days with Linda. I got to visit LSU and see OTB friends! I really missed everyone from OTB. We ate dinner and then went out to Splash to dance the night away! I had a chance to see Linda's family and ate really GOOD food! Crawfish pasta! YUM! Seeing old friends in Baton rouge was really great.

After four days in Baton Rouge I went and stayed the rest of my stay in NOLA with Mallory and her husband Tyler. I had the opportunity to be the first guest to stay in Mallory's house! Which is beautiful!!! Love it! Mallory and I had a lot of fun catching up and doing things all over New Orleans. We went to the Insectorium and ate bugs! Gross I know! We went to a rum distillery and tasted some strong rum. We had fun shopping and just hanging out. I wish I could have stayed longer! If only NOLA was closer! Miss her!

Hector and I both went to Miami to see his grandma and family. It was my first time meeting his grandma and it was awesome! You may be wondering why I just met her... But she's lives in Honduras... I haven't been there in a long time. Either way I LOVED her immediately! She is the cutest person in the world. She makes funny jokes and cracks herself up. We also saw Hector's parents... It was the first time seeing them since our wedding. We saw my aunt Cristian and my little cousins. Well they aren't so little anymore! I can't believe how big they were! It was fun to hang out with all of them! Unfortunately it was only a 3 day trip.. TOO SHORT! But we both had to work.

It was indeed the best summer vacation ever!! To bad it had to come to an end!!

Here are a few pictures of my trip to NOLA.

Linda and her sister Leah

Mallory about to eat a cricket!


Mallory's House!

Mallory and Tyler! Tyler is a goof ball! Love them!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Cape Cod

For the fourth of July Hector and I went to the Cape with Megan, Danny, Carly, Rick, and Barb. We enjoyed eating Oysters, Clams, and Lobsters.
Yes I actually tried oysters and clams!!
While we were there we did a lot of neat things.
Went to the beach, Whale watching, and explored Province town.
On the way there and back the girls listened to Diane Mott Davidson murder mystery audio books.
They were really entertaining to listen to!
The boys were in a separate car and they listened to Comedians.
It was a great way to start the summer and a fun time with friends.
Here are some pictures of our wonderful trip!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Birthday Fun!!!

So this is a post that I never actually posted up... so just know that this was meant to go up in July! Ha

Last month I celebrated my 26th birthday with friends and family.

I did a duo birthday celebration with my friend Sheryl at Rumors.
It was a blast!
Here are some pictures from it.

Megan and I on our way to dinner.
Megan, Me, and Sheryl

Stephanie and I
LPMC gals.
Good looking men!
It was a great way to celebrate my birthday with friends.

On my actual birthday my mom made a dinner for me.
It was very delicious.
I had family and friends at this celebration.
The Gallo's and Lucas joined in the festivities.

Girls weekend in New Jersey!

On the first weekend of summer break I went to Jersey with the girls and the boys went camping.
Megan and Hanna went along on the adventure.
It was really fun!
We took a 3 hour road trip to the middle of what seemed... nowhere!
Once we got to the Econo Lodge... I just knew it would be fun.
We first got put into a smoking room...CAN I SAY YUCK!
It was disgusting!
Megan and I went to go get a non-smoking room....
We succeeded!
THANK THE LORD! ( Linda's saying)
We got ready as soon as we got into our room.
Look at the way our pillows were...
We just cracked up laughing when we saw it!
Oh! To top it off the ceilings were glittery !HAHA.
Once we were ready, we headed toward Ocean Drive to go watch Lip.
We ate pizza for dinner.
This pizza place was full with guidettes.
One that seemed to be flirting with us a lot!
After dinner we went to the bar and enjoyed ourselves very much.
We danced our butts off.
It was a nice get away!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Third year of teaching!

I officially finished my third year of teaching!
I still can't believe that it's been three years.
It actually feels like this past school year was like 5 years!
This school year has changed as a person and especially as a teacher.
I've learned so much from myself, my students, and my fellow colleagues.
There were days I didn't know I would make it.
Every day was a hard and challenging day.
I didn't know if my students would learn, or if they would fight each other, or even hit me.
Still I went in with a smile and tried my best to give all my students the opportunity to learn.
I am proud of my students and the hard work most of them did.
My students grew so much in reading and in math.
I am glad it's summer but cannot wait til the next school year!
Here are some last day pictures.
LSU class of 2026!
Teach me how to dougie!
I would have not survived this school year with out you!
Love you guys!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Filippo graduated!!!

I cannot believe my little brother graduated this past month!
It feels like he is still young... but in reality he is 18!
Makes me feel old!
He graduated in June.
He will be going to Towson University this upcoming fall.
We are very proud of him and only wish him the very best!
Here are some picture of the graduation.

My New Garden

Here are some pictures of my new garden.
I am really excited to see if I can do this.
I hate seeing flowers die but I guess they have to die and then bloom.
I tend to give up!
Not this time!!

Before I planted them.

Look a tomato!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

It's finally time for the beach!

Yesterday I went to the Rohoboth beach with Hector, my dad, Eva, and Jose.
We started our adventure at 7:30 am.
We stopped for breakfast and then continued to the beach.
It was a little chilly at first but then it got nice and hot.
Hector and I bought an umbrella the night before so I was able to sit in the shade if I ever felt too hot.
It was a lot of fun.
They played soccer and Badminton.
I read a book on my kindle.
We ate burger and hotdogs.
Just when I thought I might try to get into the water... I heard people talking about dead fish.
Yup... Dead fish! YUCK!
There were hundreds of dead fish washing onto the shore.
It was pretty gross.
No one seemed to know what was happening.
Hector and I decided to walk along the shore to explore.
We saw fish with either no tail or no head.
So we figured someone dumped them but were still unsure.
Kids were running around trying to grab them.
Two kids had a shovel and brought a dead fish to their parents.
The parents told them to go put it back...
What did they do?
They decided to dig a hole and bury the fish in their cemetery.
Then we left and drove back home.
On the way home we stopped by a little market and I bought a zinnia flower plant and a tomato plant.
I am really excited to grow them!
Let's just hope they don't die....
Any tips on growing either?

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Memorial Weekend!

This weekend was a lot of fun!
I mean three day weekends are always great!
We went on a 8 mile bike ride on trails by our house.
We watched Hang over 2 and laughed our butts off.
On Sunday I went on a shopping spree for some new summer clothes.
Always a plus... YAY!
I also went to see Lost in Paris with Megan and Hanah.
We danced and sang all night long!
It was a lot of fun!
If you are wondering who they are... They are a fun cover band!
They are usually in the NJ,PA,DC,MD,and VA area.
Check them out!
Hector and I also we to the pool this weekend...
Tanning is also a plus... No longer pale!
Monday evening we went to Ikea and then saw Kung fu panda 2.
It was really cute...
If you liked the first one you will like this one!
Ahh I can't believe summer is almost here!
13 days til the end of the school year...
Then its baking food and baking in the sun! Ha
You can join me!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Field Day

Yesterday was field day at my school.
It was somewhat organized and kids loved it!
Ms. Antunez did not like being in the sun for almost two hours!
Who didn't put on any sunscreen?
Not a good idea!
The kids played tug-of-war and a bunch of other things.
I am so glad that Megan and I brought them all waters because they would have been extremely dehydrated!
This would have caused grumpiness and lots of fights!
There were definitely some kids who should of stayed in because of their behaviors.
After field day we were all exhausted and ready for bed!
I came home and watched some TV.
I also cooked dinner for us and the Lucas!
What to do on this wonderful three day weekend????

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Wine in the woods

Yesterday Hector and I went to Wine in the Woods with family and friends.
It was a lot busier then we expected!
If you ever go, buy your tickets in advance or bring cash to get in quicker!
We waited in a line forever but then decided to get cash at the ATM.
Once we were in we were shocked by how many people were in.
People had already claimed their picnic areas and had bought bottles of wine to drink.
The first tent we went to was packed so we moved to the next one.
The wine was okay but not good enough to buy a bottle.
Although Doris bought a yummy dessert wine.
We continued on to the next tent.
We ended up buying a bottle of sangria at the Boordy vineyard and found a place to sit and relax.
Megan and Danny got a peach wine and that too was yummy!
We added grapes and strawberries to our wine.
I later decided to go get a slice of pizza and met people who let me drink from their wine.
Strange? I know but at least I got to try another wine!
After about an hour we continued to taste wines.
We came up to a vineyard named Solomon island vineyard...
Boy were their wines fruity and very tasty!
I want to go visit it.
There were a lot of wines to taste...
We tried as many as we could but then got really tired and came home.
We had a lot of fun!
Can't wait to go back next year!

Here's some pictures:


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