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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

March of Dimes... Help!

My best friends dad is a great person! His name is Rick Gallo and he has been part of of March of Dimes for many years and needs your help! He is wanting donations to help improve health in order to prevent birth defects, premature birth, and infant mortality. His goal is to fund raise $2011. He is very close to reaching his goal and needs your help to get there. He has only 4 days to go! Please visit the following website to help out! Anything helps!! Thank you very much!!


This Easter we celebrated at our apartment. We invited my dad, Eva, and Jose over. My sister came over as well. Unfortunately my brother Filippo is very grown up now and had to work and could not make it. :(
As an appetizer I made Guacamole with onions, tomato, cilantro, and 2 limes. I made it kind of chunky. It was really yummy! I probably ate the most !

Hector and I cooked a pork tenderloin, mashed potato( Regular and sweet potato mixed), corn casserole, and rice. Evan brought a salad to go with our late lunch. Our meal was very good and we enjoyed each others company. My little brother Jose made our meal even more entertaining by challenging us to see who would finish first. He was the last one to finish... He's a picky eater so he was not a fan of all the food... If you want to know what happened next just ask!!

As soon as he was done eating it started to storm so we could not have our Easter egg hunt outside as planned. So was I going to let this stop our fun game?
Hector and Jose started to play some Wii and in the meantime I hid a egg one by one all around the house. Jose was so interested in the Wii game that he did not notice me walking around hiding the eggs.

Needless to say he took a very long time to find the eggs. I thought I made it easy but he wasn't really searching for the eggs he was just watching our reactions instead. We attempted to help him by saying Caliente ( hot in spanish) and Frio (Cold in spanish). I think all this did was confuse him.
Lilo was following him around.

After the Easter egg hunt Jose went back to playing video games and I played a boardgame with Stephanie. We played Kamisado. My dad was so intrique by us playing that he decided to play as well. This is a really fun game and I would recommend it to anyone who likes a good strategy game.
Overall our Easter was really really fun! I hope everyone had a great Easter as well!!!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

I love the rain!

We all know that spring is here because it rains a lot.
I personally love the rain...
I love the sound it makes on the roof,
the music it plays as it hits the trees.
I love taking pictures of rain drops,
on leaves,
and on the window.
Sometimes storms can rain on your day,
but as long as you have the person you love next to you,
rain will never ruin the day.
You can always lay in bed,
watch movies
or play board games.
I love the rain!

Friday, April 22, 2011


Filippo Bustamante---> a future rock star!

Yesterday I got a chance to go watch my little brother play his first gig.
I've seen my brother play and knew he would be awesome!
I did not know what to expect of the whole band since I had never see the band play.
Paradigm is the name of his band and they were amazing!

My brother put on a show as always...
Dancing, smiling, and feeling the passion for his music.

The band drew the audience in and we all jammed along.
It was a blast to see them play!
I predict everyone will have a chance to see Paradigm in the future!!!

Introducing the band...

Mike Moseley- Lead vocals and guitar

Filippo Bustamante- Lead Guitar

Phil Neary- Bass

James Mast
- Drummer

Here are some pictures of an eventful evening...

Here's some picture of some of their groupies...

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spring is here!

Spring finally feels that it's here!
It's warm outside and I am finally able to wear dresses!!
Oh and did I mention I am on spring break?!?
Earlier this week I did some major spring cleaning.
I also decided to decorate my house.
First I grabbed the two paintings our grandparents gave us for our wedding gift and decided to put them up.
We were waiting to frame them but I thought that it was a waste not to hang them up.
I put them in our living room.

Then I bought some picture frames to put wedding pictures up.
Our photographer gave us a CD with our wedding pictures up so I decided to print some out.

I also added one of our honeymoon.

On our honeymoon we had got a caricature of us and I framed that as well.

Yesterday I decided to paint using stamps.
This was something new and different that I wanted to try out.
I did three different paintings.
2 canvases are small and one is large.
I used two different sizes of fleur de lis stamps.
Hector loves the saints so I decided to use black and gold as my paint colors.
This is what I came up with.

Starting it all....

I painted one completely black...

I painted the other one gold...

Then I stamped the black one with gold paint...

My two finished product...
I added glitter on the outside of each canvas

This is the larger painting.
I painted it white and then stamped it with gold and black stamps.

This is how they look now that they are hung up.
What do you think?
You should try it out its not to hard!

I am having so much fun staying at home and doing arts and craft.
I wished I was able to just stay home every day and not work!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Family... Family... Family

Hector and I - My new family!

Family is very important to Hector and I. We love our family and how big it is! Last September my dad's wife came to the United States from Honduras. It was a great addition to our big family. I now have another brother named Jose and he is 5 years old. He's a step brother but he is pretty cool! He talks sooo much but he is really smart and funny.

My step mother is pretty nice as well. She cooks good food and makes my father extremely happy... This makes me very happy! Since they've been here we've had some fun times exploring the area. We've gone to the zoo, New York, and Annapolis. Its been really fun! My family has grown but still the same!

At the zoo
Going to New York city

We had to pay the sponge bob for the picture!... ha
Jersey shore
My two little brothers for Halloween
Stephanie and Jose
Hector, Filippo, and Gio
Christmas at moms
My dad and Jose Christmas day
On the metro to the wizards game

Now both of my parents are happily married and my family is perfect! Hector and I enjoy spending time with each and everyone of our family members!
Hectors parents New Years 2009 ( We haven't seen them since our wedding)

Now lets just hope Hectors' parents come visit this spring/summer! Did I mention they bought a house?!?! Yup! I love my family and can't wait to make our family grow in the future!


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