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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Desmond's Nursery

I realized that I never blogged about Desmond's nursery... Probably because it was still a work in progress since he came early. We painted the room green with the help of Danny back in late October before we knew we were having a boy. Then little by little with the help of family we got the crib and all the other accessories. Most of the furniture and accessories are from Babies-R-Us. The night stand is from Ikea. We went with a jungle theme. The tree decals didn't go up until after Desmond was born. Mostly because the person who made it off ETSY made a mistake and we had received the new one the week Desmond was born. Go Figure! It took us a month to put the tree up... It was not fun to put each leaf one by one. But I think it looks really nice!  Here are some pictures of the what the nursery looks now. 

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