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Friday, May 15, 2009

wedding... wedding... wedding...

Wedding is in the air.... we have a lot of planning to do.. can you believe we its 10 months away? well... we can't! We are hoping to get a location soon... the place we like is called Raspberry Plain... it's a historical mansion and it is beautiful... BTW Does anyone want to donate some money in to the "Samantha and Hector need a wedding" fund? I will love you to death... I did not know how much money this would cost... its amazing how things end up.. if someone has any tips on how to make this cheaper let me know!!

Anyways I HAVE MY Dress!!! woohoo!! i went wedding dress shopping with Stephanie, Vicky , and Megan... We had fun! Here's a picture.. but don't worry its not the dress!!

I had a lot of fun and I am super excited I got my dress!

Soo.. The same group of girls also went to the B Spears concert! We had lots of fun as well.. here's a picture of us hot girls!

Anyways I will keep you posted on what what we are doing with our lives!

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