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Friday, July 23, 2010


Yesterday I finished playing a game called Heavy Rain and I really enjoyed it.... Crazy I know... I played a whole video game! Its a murder mystery kind of game... its a great game! So it really got me thinking about writing.. this whole summer I've had a mental block and I have not been able to write... I've been wanting to write a book for some time... I've even started a few books but I haven't finished them because I loose interest...Well yesterday I had an itch to start writing again... I didn't get get a chance because I went to go hang out with Hector and his friends and we went to go watch Inception.... It was a great movie.. There was action.. Drama.. Suspense... Mystery... everything that makes a movie awesome... So that got me thinking... I think I want to write a book that has all of those elements..As of right now I do not want to write a kids book.... hmmmm now all I need is to brain storm ideas and begin writing!

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