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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Girls weekend in New Jersey!

On the first weekend of summer break I went to Jersey with the girls and the boys went camping.
Megan and Hanna went along on the adventure.
It was really fun!
We took a 3 hour road trip to the middle of what seemed... nowhere!
Once we got to the Econo Lodge... I just knew it would be fun.
We first got put into a smoking room...CAN I SAY YUCK!
It was disgusting!
Megan and I went to go get a non-smoking room....
We succeeded!
THANK THE LORD! ( Linda's saying)
We got ready as soon as we got into our room.
Look at the way our pillows were...
We just cracked up laughing when we saw it!
Oh! To top it off the ceilings were glittery !HAHA.
Once we were ready, we headed toward Ocean Drive to go watch Lip.
We ate pizza for dinner.
This pizza place was full with guidettes.
One that seemed to be flirting with us a lot!
After dinner we went to the bar and enjoyed ourselves very much.
We danced our butts off.
It was a nice get away!

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