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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas Binder

Last month I was looking at blogs and came to a blog that gave me a great idea!!!
Her blog is called Girl with a glue gun! Check her out!

Every year Hector and I send out Christmas cards and I have to look all over the place for the addresses.
It's a pain in the neck.
I also hate having to always text or call people for their address.
So I came across this blog and saw that she made a Christmas Binder.
I absolutely loved the idea!!
First I grabbed a white binder and decorated it with stickers.
Then I used dividers and named each one the following:
Cards sent
Cards received from families
Wish list
I am really excited about the outcome and cannot wait to use it again next year.
I think I might actually make one for birthdays!
I think I am getting old!

Front of the binder

I put the cards received into a red folder and labeled it.

This is the back of the binder! I just used wrapping paper.

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