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Monday, August 5, 2013

Road Trip To Rhode Island July 26-30

We had our first road trip/ family vacation a week ago. 
I believe it was a successful road trip with little cries from baby Desmond. 
We left around 4 in the morning... an hour later than we had hoped because Desmond decided not to wake up like he had been doing. (That's another story!)  Desmond fells asleep soon after the car started to move. He fell asleep singing to me :) We stopped twice to feed and change his diaper.  Since it was the morning he slept through most of car ride. Right up until we were like 10 miles away from our destination and we hit traffic.... That's when he decided it was time to get out of the car! 
Straight away we went to eat lunch at KJ's and then checked into our hotel. 
Later that day we went to the Breaker's mansion. What a BEAUTY! 
Then we met up with Danny, Megan, Sam, and Michelle to walk around and eat dinner at the Wharf. Newport, Rhode Island is such a beautiful place. I loved being so close to the water. 
Here are some pictures of the first day.

On the road!

Waiting for lunch at KJ's

Has the whole bed to himself

Riding in the car

Going to the Breakers

View of the backyard

Say what?!

Touching grass with his feet!

He's such a happy baby

At the Cliff walk

Daddy being silly

Day 2
The following day we went to eat breakfast with the Lucas and walked around the wharf. Megan and I got our nails done at a very nice nail place in Newport. They gave us a shoulder and neck massage after our pedicures. Wish all places were like that! We did some shopping as well. Then we got ready for Laura and Rick's wedding. The wedding was at the most gorgeous location with a water front. Laura looked stunning in her dress and Rick was very handsome. Desmond did really well at his first wedding ever! He did babble during the ceremony but he didn't seem to bother anyone. Overall a great second day!

At the Tennis hall of fame before breakfast

With Laura and Rick

Day 3
Desmond went to the beach for the very first time! He liked the feeling of sand on his feet and even tried putting some in his mouth. The water was a little cold but he didn't scream or cry when we put his feet in it. This trip was Desmond first of a lot of things! We also visited another mansion with Michelle and Sam called the marble house. That afternoon we drove off to my Tia Ninoska's house in New Jersey and spent that evening and next day with the family. It was a very good first family vacation. Can't wait for what lies ahead! 

Marble house

With Tio Noe

With Christina

With Tia

Another day at the beach!

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