Family of Three!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Third year of teaching!

I officially finished my third year of teaching!
I still can't believe that it's been three years.
It actually feels like this past school year was like 5 years!
This school year has changed as a person and especially as a teacher.
I've learned so much from myself, my students, and my fellow colleagues.
There were days I didn't know I would make it.
Every day was a hard and challenging day.
I didn't know if my students would learn, or if they would fight each other, or even hit me.
Still I went in with a smile and tried my best to give all my students the opportunity to learn.
I am proud of my students and the hard work most of them did.
My students grew so much in reading and in math.
I am glad it's summer but cannot wait til the next school year!
Here are some last day pictures.
LSU class of 2026!
Teach me how to dougie!
I would have not survived this school year with out you!
Love you guys!

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