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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Running again!

I am finally working out again.
I stopped after my knee started to hurt.
I did Zumba in the fall and loved it.
Then I went for a 2 mile run and injured my knee.
I've been wanting to workout again but have been nervous, anxious, and just plain lazy.
I know exercising is good for you but I just didn't feel like it.
My husband told me to stop making excuses and just start out slowly.
Yesterday I went on a power walk with my dog and today I ran a mile with my dog and husband.
My husband is now my personal trainer!
He made me run the mile...
Do push ups...
Sit ups...
and squats.
It's great to be starting up again.
Let's just hope I keep it up!
I am super excited for the weather to be nice and warm.
I cannot wait to ride my bike!
Who wants to exercise?!?!?!
Happy Tuesday!

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