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Sunday, December 9, 2012

26 weeks... 14 weeks to go!

26 weeks! This means I have 14 weeks to go. I cannot wait to hold my bundle of joy in 14 weeks! 
I know Desmond will be a ball of energy! He moves so much... Hector believes he's just remodeling my belly. Ha! 14 weeks may seem far away to most but to me it feels like it's just around the corner!  Which can be both overwhelming and exciting.  
Time to answer some questions... I know you are dying to read all about it!
How far along? 26 Weeks 2 weeks away from my third trimester! 
Maternity clothes? Always on a look out for something cute. 
Stretch Marks? No but I feel like my skin cannot stretch anymore!
Sleep: I was sleeping pretty well but my back is starting to hurt so most positions are not too comfortable.  
Best moment this week: Putting the crib together! Now we have the dresser and the crib in the room. I just want to decorate! You can see the dresser in the picture. 
Miss anything? Sleep! Wearing a bra a feeling comfortable... 
Movement: All the time! Except for when people want to feel him kick. He gets shy! 
Food cravings: Chocolate.... What else is new? 
Anything making you queasy or sick?  Nothing!
Gender : Baby Boy!!!!!!
Labor signs: No way!
Symptoms: Back ache and I am starting to get headaches again! BLAH
Belly button in or out? I think it's officially an outie?!?! It's not all the way popped out but it's definitely not an innie. 
Looking forward to: Entering my third trimester! I also can't wait for the holidays!

I am currently in my 27th week but I haven't taken my picture yet so I will blog about my current week by tomorrow! This coming week I will be entering my third trimester! Oh and I am meeting Dr. Rojas! Finally!!! You will read more about him tomorrow! Happy Sunday!

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