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Friday, March 8, 2013

Baby Showers

It's been a while since I've blogged. Let's just say the third semester is extremely tiring! 
I don't even know how I got through the day. I barely slept at night because I was either uncomfortable or had to use the bathroom. Then I headed to work at 6:30 and often didn't return home until around 6. LONG DAYS! Weekends were also filled with baby shopping, baby showers, maternity pictures, etc. 
So you can see why I stopped blogging. I was just too tired! That's why the belly pictures stopped! Let's just say I got a lot bigger! Ha

Onto the main topic! Baby Showers!!!! I had two baby showers that were hosted by family and friends. 
 The first one was hosted by four amazing friends... Megan, Danny, Johanna, and Kyle. 
 It took place at Megan and Danny's house. It was a couples baby shower. We had lots of friends and family join us in celebrating Baby Desmond.  The food was delicious! Pregnant girl's dream! YUM! I could not get enough of the brownie's. Johanna I am going to need that recipe! We got many wonderful gifts that we now use all the time.  THANK YOU! We played a game where everyone had to guess who's childhood stories were mine or Hectors. They used baby pictures to play.  Guest also got a chance to decorate onsies and burp cloths.  They were so cute! THANKS again you four! We really really really appreciate it!  Here are some pictures from this baby shower: 

I also had another wonderful baby shower hosted by my mom and my sister. My sister's friend Katie also helped out a lot!  The decorations were cute! My mom's friends came out to celebrate Desmond.  There was also yummy food and lots of appetizers and desserts to choose from.  We also played some games like guessing how big I was using string. Katie won! Another game was guessing children from Tv sitcoms etc. It was really nice.  Here are some pictures from that baby shower: 

 I had two more baby showers scheduled but my little bean came three weeks early and didn't let me participate in these events! I am extremely blessed  to have such wonderful family and friends.  Thank you Megan and Mikel for attempting to host a school baby shower. Thank you Tia Lourdes and Tio Frank for hosting a baby shower even though I could not attend!  Thank you everyone!!!

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