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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Desmond's First 4th of July!

Originally we had planned to go to a Fourth of July parade in Clarksville, Maryland but Desmond woke up too late. Maybe next year! We also thought that fireworks would be way too loud for Desmond. He already gets startled by the vacuum and even some of his toys. I hope he grows out of it! 
We went to a BBQ at my mom's house and spent time with the family.  

Hector is photo bombing! 

 Look at tia Stephanie!

 With uncle Filippo

 This was taken in the process of changing his shirt. He is too cute!

Not only was it his first 4th of July... but he ate some SOLID! We gave him rice cereal. He really liked it but hated the fact that he had to wait in between each spoonful. He also made a crazy mess and had rice real all over the place including his hair! Needless to say he needed a bath. haha 

Priceless! Can't wait to see his face while eating sweet potato! 

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