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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Birthday Surprise! July 1st, 2012

I am officially 27 years old!
I had a great birthday celebration.
Spent my actual birthday in Philly taking a math workshop.
 I came home that evening and went to dinner with Hector, Megan, and Danny at a delicious bistro!
That night a huge storm hit us and took out our power.
It was disgustingly hot and made our cat very sick. :(
The next day we went to my mom's house to eat some yummy food for my b-day.
My brother helped my mom cook  in order to learn how to cook and I helped too.
 Little did I know I was cooking something in my belly too. 
Yup you read that right!
 I had been feeling very different for two weeks prior to my birthday.
Boobs were growing and my face was breaking out.
I also had unusual cramps a week before my period was due.
I was starting to suspect that I was pregnant.
The morning after we ate at my moms I decided to take a test.
 It was 5:40 am and I really needed to pee.
 The moment of truth...
I was scared, nervous, and excited to take the test.
My heart was racing... but I had to take the test.
 Hector waited patiently in our office ( we slept there bc of having no power)
 We had to wait a total of 3 minutes.
 Longest 3 minutes of my life!
I was either going to be extremely excited or extremely dissapointed.
 I looked at the test and saw a big fat +
It took Hector a little time to figure it out.
 He kept saying "what does this mean?what does this mean?"
Then he was like "OH MAN YOUR PREGNANT!"
We hugged and got teary eyed.
 We couldn't believe it!
We knew we wanted to have a kid but we weren't planning on it right away.
I cannot express how excited I am right now!
I knew I wasn't going crazy!
 Baby Antunez due March 2013!!
Size of baby: Poppy Seed
Note: Date on the title is the date originally written before this went public!

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