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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

28 and 29 weeks!

I know what your thinking.... Sam you have been slacking on posting! I know... But let's face it I am in my third trimester and I am tired.  There is a significant difference between my second and third trimester. It's true what they say...Second trimester is the best! First trimester  I slept all the time and I could smell things a 100 miles away! Third trimester consist of sleepiness, back aches, and gaining lots of weight! People say I look good...(side note: I always do! ha) but the scale just keeps showing me how much I have gained. It's unbelievable! I am hitting the gym after Hector Desmond is born! I need to get my body bikini ready for this summer! Anyways... I know what you want to see... so let the pictures begin.  I will make sure to also give you a synopsis of the week. 

Week 28
This week I had officially entered my third trimester! Woohoo!  This week is when my back started aching a lot! I made sure to have Hector give me a back rub every night, I put a heating pad ( on low) on my back, and Johanna made me a sock full of rice to heat up and put on my back. Did I mention I have awesome friends!  We also had our annual ugly sweater party this week. Here are some pictures from that night. I didn't take pictures of everyone there. 

 Megan holding Eleanor
Hector enjoying his Foster's beer

Johanna holding Eleanor

Danny and Stephanie

Kyle and Megan petting Danny

Amber opening her present 

Bryan opening his gift

Vanessa with her poster that Hector took from her.

Week 29

This week I didn't take a picture by myself but I have lots of pictures from my Tia Lourdes and Tio Franks 30th wedding anniversary and holiday gatherings!  This week was awesome. Hector and I hit the jackpot with some things for Desmond! He's already spoiled! It was a great week with family and friends. Here are some pictures from that week: 
Mi Familia 


Cousin love

This is just too cute!

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  1. Wow Sam...your belly is growing so fast...You look amazing!!! Have an awesome 2013, I know that it will be for you guys and all your family...Best wishes!!! ♥ u...



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