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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Special friend

A friend that I became closer to this past year is moving to New Mexico. It's sad to see such a great person leave but I know she's the kind of person that I will keep in touch with. Friendship is both rewarding and heartbreaking at times. Its amazing to have a friend that you can talk to and share good times with. A good friend is someone who is always there for you no matter what.

These past few years I've seen great people leave my life. When I moved to Louisiana I left friends behind in NOVA and made new friends. One friend left New Orleans because of Hurricane Katrina and it really sucked to see her leave... but I still stay in touch and I actually got to see her a few months ago. I also made an incredible friend in Baton Rouge. She practically lived with me for a whole semester and we spent every minute with each other. I even caught her when she fainted on me. It was heart breaking to see that a great friendship could change over silly things. I still deeply care for her. I am happy she is now married and living it up in New Orleans. I hope to stay in touch with her.
Its sad to see friendships die because of silly misunderstanding and sad to see friendships sizzle because we move. For a while I did not want to open up and make new friends because I was afraid that something would happen. But moving back to DC has changed that. I've made great friends here... along with seeing old friends... I love DC! The only thing is one of my dearest friends left to CA when I came!! Oh well now I have a place to visit!
I am very thankful to have such great friends in my life...I love each and everyone of you.
There is one person in my life right now that I probably would have not survived my two years of teaching. She kept me smiling and laughing on car rides home. Oddly enough our Husbands are great friends which makes the friendship even better! I love her!
I hope to keep the friendships I have forever no matter where we live or what misunderstandings we have.

I did not mention names but you guys know who you are!

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  1. Just reading this for the first time today... love and miss you Sam!



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