Family of Three!

Monday, June 21, 2010


So I've completed my first two years of teaching. It has gone extremely fast! I've enjoyed both years very much. Last year I taught fourth grade and this year I taught first grade. People always ask me " which one do you prefer?" I never know what to say... Both grades were fun to teach. I love both group of kids. I will never forget my first group of kids because they challenged me all the time. I had a great time connecting with my fourth graders. The exciting thing about teaching first grade is that everything is sooooo new to them. They are learning how to read and they are learning new concepts in math. It was great to see their smiling faces everyday because they wanted to learn new things. So if someone were to ask me which grade I liked better... I would say I loved both grades the same. Both were fun and unique in their own ways. I just loved being able to make a difference in our educational system. I am very thankful for each teacher I had growing up. Congrats to all the 2008 Teach for America corps members! We are closer to closing the achievement gap!!

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