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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Summer time!

Summer time...
Summer is finally here,
the birds are singing,
and the sun is shinning.
This is time for relaxation and reflection.
Swim in a pool
go for a run.
These are a few things one may do.
Go capture a moment,
maybe two.
Take a mental picture
use a camera.
Sun bathe by the pool.
Eat yourself a nice fresh strawberry poppy seed salad.
Read a book indoors
Engulf yourself into the story.
Become one
and use your imagination.
Whether you are finding love,
or being chased by a vampire
enjoy yourself.
Books can tell you many stories.
Perhaps you may want to write this summer.
Become an author,
tell your story.
People will listen.
Maybe you want to bake?
Bake a pie,
or a cookie.
Perhaps you cannot make desserts?
Well then bake lasagna,
or ratatouille.
Learn new recipes
and use your imagination.
Fill your mouth with magic.
What ever you may wish to do,
it's your time,
its Summertime.

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