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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spring is here!

Spring finally feels that it's here!
It's warm outside and I am finally able to wear dresses!!
Oh and did I mention I am on spring break?!?
Earlier this week I did some major spring cleaning.
I also decided to decorate my house.
First I grabbed the two paintings our grandparents gave us for our wedding gift and decided to put them up.
We were waiting to frame them but I thought that it was a waste not to hang them up.
I put them in our living room.

Then I bought some picture frames to put wedding pictures up.
Our photographer gave us a CD with our wedding pictures up so I decided to print some out.

I also added one of our honeymoon.

On our honeymoon we had got a caricature of us and I framed that as well.

Yesterday I decided to paint using stamps.
This was something new and different that I wanted to try out.
I did three different paintings.
2 canvases are small and one is large.
I used two different sizes of fleur de lis stamps.
Hector loves the saints so I decided to use black and gold as my paint colors.
This is what I came up with.

Starting it all....

I painted one completely black...

I painted the other one gold...

Then I stamped the black one with gold paint...

My two finished product...
I added glitter on the outside of each canvas

This is the larger painting.
I painted it white and then stamped it with gold and black stamps.

This is how they look now that they are hung up.
What do you think?
You should try it out its not to hard!

I am having so much fun staying at home and doing arts and craft.
I wished I was able to just stay home every day and not work!

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