Family of Three!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Family... Family... Family

Hector and I - My new family!

Family is very important to Hector and I. We love our family and how big it is! Last September my dad's wife came to the United States from Honduras. It was a great addition to our big family. I now have another brother named Jose and he is 5 years old. He's a step brother but he is pretty cool! He talks sooo much but he is really smart and funny.

My step mother is pretty nice as well. She cooks good food and makes my father extremely happy... This makes me very happy! Since they've been here we've had some fun times exploring the area. We've gone to the zoo, New York, and Annapolis. Its been really fun! My family has grown but still the same!

At the zoo
Going to New York city

We had to pay the sponge bob for the picture!... ha
Jersey shore
My two little brothers for Halloween
Stephanie and Jose
Hector, Filippo, and Gio
Christmas at moms
My dad and Jose Christmas day
On the metro to the wizards game

Now both of my parents are happily married and my family is perfect! Hector and I enjoy spending time with each and everyone of our family members!
Hectors parents New Years 2009 ( We haven't seen them since our wedding)

Now lets just hope Hectors' parents come visit this spring/summer! Did I mention they bought a house?!?! Yup! I love my family and can't wait to make our family grow in the future!

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