Family of Three!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


This Easter we celebrated at our apartment. We invited my dad, Eva, and Jose over. My sister came over as well. Unfortunately my brother Filippo is very grown up now and had to work and could not make it. :(
As an appetizer I made Guacamole with onions, tomato, cilantro, and 2 limes. I made it kind of chunky. It was really yummy! I probably ate the most !

Hector and I cooked a pork tenderloin, mashed potato( Regular and sweet potato mixed), corn casserole, and rice. Evan brought a salad to go with our late lunch. Our meal was very good and we enjoyed each others company. My little brother Jose made our meal even more entertaining by challenging us to see who would finish first. He was the last one to finish... He's a picky eater so he was not a fan of all the food... If you want to know what happened next just ask!!

As soon as he was done eating it started to storm so we could not have our Easter egg hunt outside as planned. So was I going to let this stop our fun game?
Hector and Jose started to play some Wii and in the meantime I hid a egg one by one all around the house. Jose was so interested in the Wii game that he did not notice me walking around hiding the eggs.

Needless to say he took a very long time to find the eggs. I thought I made it easy but he wasn't really searching for the eggs he was just watching our reactions instead. We attempted to help him by saying Caliente ( hot in spanish) and Frio (Cold in spanish). I think all this did was confuse him.
Lilo was following him around.

After the Easter egg hunt Jose went back to playing video games and I played a boardgame with Stephanie. We played Kamisado. My dad was so intrique by us playing that he decided to play as well. This is a really fun game and I would recommend it to anyone who likes a good strategy game.
Overall our Easter was really really fun! I hope everyone had a great Easter as well!!!

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