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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Washington, Virginia

Like I stated in my last blog Hector and I went to Washington, Virgina to celebrate our one year anniversary. It was a very interested and fun! We first went to Middlesburg, Va and went around the cute little town.

While we were there we decided to call the bed and breakfast to see what time they were expecting us. So it turned out the the place booked us for the previous week and were booked. We were not happy! The guy who owned the bed and breakfast ended up giving us a hotel voucher and we went to the bed and breakfast a day later. Not what we wanted but we still had fun! When we went to pick it up he told us that our hotel was "near the yellow arches , Mcdonalds, it's a place the makes burgers!" HAHA
That first day we went to Chrysalis vineyard and tasted yummy wine. After the vineyard we took a nice ride to Washington, VA and we took some cool pictures.

We also found a little bit of Louisiana by accident!

We bought a really cool game before we left on our adventure and played it in our hotel room. Its a really fun game called Kamisado. It is a great strategy game for two players.

The next day we went to our bed and breakfast and met with our host. Boy was he a show you must see! He was soo funny... it was no wonder he messed up our reservation. He gave us a map of the area so we could take a a 2 hour tour around the Shenandoah valley. It had snowed and was very cold but it was really really fun! Oh and to start it off our adventure... the road he wanted us to take was closed!

We then went to two vineyards and had lots of fun!

That night we went to the most amazing dinner ever! We had a 7 course meal and it was awesome! Who would have thought that there could be such a great place in Washington, Va.

It was a great night with Hector. The following day we had our breakfast and went to the caverns. Then we left Virginia and we went back to reality. It was a great way to spend our one year and we can't wait to go back! I would recommend it to anyone who wants to get away!

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  1. looks like ya'll had a blast! congrats on your 1 year! : )



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