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Friday, April 22, 2011


Filippo Bustamante---> a future rock star!

Yesterday I got a chance to go watch my little brother play his first gig.
I've seen my brother play and knew he would be awesome!
I did not know what to expect of the whole band since I had never see the band play.
Paradigm is the name of his band and they were amazing!

My brother put on a show as always...
Dancing, smiling, and feeling the passion for his music.

The band drew the audience in and we all jammed along.
It was a blast to see them play!
I predict everyone will have a chance to see Paradigm in the future!!!

Introducing the band...

Mike Moseley- Lead vocals and guitar

Filippo Bustamante- Lead Guitar

Phil Neary- Bass

James Mast
- Drummer

Here are some pictures of an eventful evening...

Here's some picture of some of their groupies...

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