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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Megan's birthday celebration at the Boordy's Vineyard!

My best friend Megan, is year older and a year wiser!
This year we celebrated her birthday by going to get a pedicure and then going to a vineyard. It was my first glass of wine since June of 2012! Boy was it delicious! Nothing like some white sangria from Boordy Vineyards. Go drink up!
I was at first really worried about drinking wine while breastfeeding... I was originally going to pump and dump but luckily I looked it up and talked with other mommies! You are allowed one glass of wine  per 2 hours. I brought a bottle just in case I drank more than that. As soon as we arrived to the vineyard I breastfed Desmond while the gang went to do the tasting. I later joined them once they were done. I drank my nice, cold, fresh glass of wine. It was yummy!  It was a cool day so Desmond had to be bundled up and inside a blanket. Megan held him the longest. We ended up giving him a bottle not because I was drunk but because it was just easier than breastfeeding in the cold! You wouldn't believe how much of a work out he is.. just by holding him! We ate some cheese and crackers with our wine. I cannot wait to go to another vineyard or to at least have another glass of wine. Any takers?!?!

He spit up on my shirt right after this picture was taken!

Megan may look like she's feeding him under the blanket but he's just hiding because of the cold!

Love this picture of Desmond and his soon to be God parents!

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