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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Week of Adventures!

This week was full of great adventures! This week was the first time I left MARYLAND! Yup I am brave... I did it all by myself with Desmond! On Monday I took Desmond to work to meet all my coworkers. ( I work in DC) There were no kids this week so I felt safe bringing him to work. He did really well being held by lots of people. Sheryl was the first one to hold him. She is a baby whisperer! I can't wait til she's a mom because she is wonderful with kids. I can tell she is going to be a super mom! Matt had the pleasure of holding him next after I cleaned his diaper of course.  From there everyone one wanted to hold him. He was a lucky boy! The car ride back was miserable because he cried most of the way home. It didn't help that I hit lots of traffic. He normally sleeps in the car but he had a wet diaper and that kept him up. NOT FUN! I felt super bad and wanted to pull over to making him feel better but I didn't so that I could make it home fast! 
That night Marian came to visit and keep me company
On Tuesday Marian and I went to the mall for some much needed shopping. It was great having a girl to gossip and shop with! You wouldn't believe how bored I get at home sometimes! Although this doesn't mean that I miss going to work...
 On Wednesday we went on our next adventure! This time I left Maryland and entered VIRGINIA!  We went to Virginia to see the SIMS! As always things were always fun. Johanna made us a yummy chicken chili. She is such a good cook! YUM!  Eleanor was super cute as always. I saw her a month ago and already she grew so much. She was crawling and laughing all over the place. Johanna likes to call her a monkey... Good thing I am obsessed with MONKEYS! I love Eleanor and so did Demond. They are going to be BFF! 
On Thursday Marian left :( but I know she will back soon... (In the fall right??!?!) That same day I had my mommy group. I love meeting up with those great mommy's!  If you are a mommy and aren;t part of a mommy group.. JOIN ONE! It's great! We have each other to ask questions and hang out when we have cabin fever.  This was the third time we all met. After our meeting some of us went to the mall to eat lunch.( Then I went shopping again by myself because I didn't want to go home. HA!)  It's always nice to talk to people with kids because they can relate. Things definitely change once you become parents. The people who can understand and relate to you are other moms.  I love my group! What a great week! 

I love his smiles!

Who wants a playdate?!?!

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