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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Sylvia, Roel, Alina, and Annie meet Desmond

So I've realized that I need to blog more often to keep track of my growing little boy. 
 It has been hard to blog having a newborn. Now that he's 10 weeks old I have a little more time or at least I have learned how to do more things without having him in my arms. We have three chairs, two that vibrate and one that swings. He likes to sit in those for a little bit. Sometimes he rather being laying down on a play gym. It's great! Since a lot has happened in the last month I have a lot of writing to do!  

Tonight I will start off with what we did this past two days. Demond got his 2 month shots yesterday :( I think it was worst for me than it was for him. I was so nervous going to the doctors.... I had been dreading it all week long. Hector kept telling me that it would be okay but still was couldn't get over the fact that he was going to be poked with a needle. I held back tears and tried my best to be super brave as I held his arms when he got his shots. He cried and screamed but was over it within minutes and fell asleep for 2.5 hours straight. Meaning he didn't eat for almost 5 hours!  I originally wanted to feed him right after his shots but I couldn't at the doctors and so I had decided to wait til I got home but he fell asleep. He has had a slight fever and been somewhat fussy at times but overall he's doing great!

Desmond not feeling so well but still playful.

Today Desmond got to me Sylvia, Roel, Alina, and Annie! They joined us for dinner tonight. They were super thoughtful and brought us sushi for dinner. YUMMY! Alina has grown so much and is super super cute! She giggled and smiled. I am super impressed by how she can grab things like her bottle. Not only was she grabbing her bottle but she was trying to get a hold of plates or cups near her. She's a very bright and curious little girl! I can't wait to see if Desmond can do everything she could. 
Anyways it was great to catch up with Sylvia, Roel, and Annie. It's always nice to talk to old friends and of course to other parents! Sylvia and Roel are great parents! Annie is great auntie! Come back and see us!!

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