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Friday, April 26, 2013

Sunday Fun day at Grandma's house

This past weekend we went to my mom's house to visit with Desmond. My step great grandfather wanted to meet my little man. He's been sick and hasn't been able to leave the house. Therefore we thought it was time to go out and visit! Before we went to my mom's place we went to church for the first time with Desmond! The best part was that he got to go the church with his soon to be God parents. He did really well! Well he actually slept the entire time! 

Straight from church we went to my mother's house. There Desmond got to spend time with his aunt, uncle, grandparents, and step-great grandparents. It was nice to go out and spend some quality time with family. 

Dave was the happiest I have ever seen him been. He loved Desmond and wanted to take many pictures with him!

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  1. oh my gosh! he is so stinking cute!!! your pictures are will be glad you have them!!! good luck with everything....



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