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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Wine in the woods

Yesterday Hector and I went to Wine in the Woods with family and friends.
It was a lot busier then we expected!
If you ever go, buy your tickets in advance or bring cash to get in quicker!
We waited in a line forever but then decided to get cash at the ATM.
Once we were in we were shocked by how many people were in.
People had already claimed their picnic areas and had bought bottles of wine to drink.
The first tent we went to was packed so we moved to the next one.
The wine was okay but not good enough to buy a bottle.
Although Doris bought a yummy dessert wine.
We continued on to the next tent.
We ended up buying a bottle of sangria at the Boordy vineyard and found a place to sit and relax.
Megan and Danny got a peach wine and that too was yummy!
We added grapes and strawberries to our wine.
I later decided to go get a slice of pizza and met people who let me drink from their wine.
Strange? I know but at least I got to try another wine!
After about an hour we continued to taste wines.
We came up to a vineyard named Solomon island vineyard...
Boy were their wines fruity and very tasty!
I want to go visit it.
There were a lot of wines to taste...
We tried as many as we could but then got really tired and came home.
We had a lot of fun!
Can't wait to go back next year!

Here's some pictures:

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