Family of Three!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

I'll shower you with gifts...

Today Hector and I went to Natalie and Justin's baby shower.
We decorated burp cloths.
Mine said...
I love you mommy!
I love you daddy!

There was yummy food and drinks.
They opened gifts.
We had fun talking about babies and of course teaching!
There were lots of teachers.
It was nice to see an old friend!
This definitely gets me excited to one day have one of my own!

After the baby shower we met up with Megan and Danny Lucas.
We had dinner at Donna's.
Donna is a great Italian restaurant here in Columbia, MD.
There was a jazz band playing while we ate.
We had a great time.

So Megan and I don't have the same taste in food..
but somehow we always coordinate.
But tonight we did a little more then coordinate.
We wore the same print!
I love her!
Hector and I had a great day today!

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