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Sunday, May 1, 2011

My Tree Project!

I've always loved taking pictures and drawing trees because of how unique each tree is.
Ever since the weather started to get warmer I became very curious about how trees go from being bare to full of leaves.
I was began to see that some trees were growing buds and flowers.
Others were very bare.
I started asking everyone if all trees grew flowers and most people were unsure.
That's when I decided to create a project to see if all trees grew flowers.
I decided that I would take a picture every day to see the trees transform.
I tried my best to take a picture as often as I could.
I picked two different trees and watched them bloom!
I started my project on March 19th.
This is what I captured...

Tree number 1...
This tree had flowers growing.

I took many pictures where the tree had red flowers...
Look at what happened next.

It went from red to yellow!

It got greener!

Look it's completely green!! This was so much fun!

Tree number 2...
This tree was completely bare. The leaves that you see in the background are from another smaller tree behind it.

Still bare...What do you notice in the following picture?!?!?!

You had to look closely to see the little leaves growing!

A week later ...
I am still watching this tree bloom because it's not completely full. I hope to post the pictures soon!

I won't be taking pictures all summer but I will continue to take pictures this fall so I can capture the leaves change colors.

Hope you enjoyed!

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