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Monday, May 2, 2011

Pinback and Judgement Day

This weekend Hector and I went to go see a band that he has loved for some time.
The name of the group we went to go watch was Pinback.
Pinback is an indie group from California.
They were really fun to watch!
I also did some people watching...
One girl was going so nuts she had to be escorted out because they thought she was intoxicated.
She was a minor.
Either way they were good.
If only I had felt better so that I could have fully enjoyed them.
I was coughing my brains out the entire time!

Here's a link of Hectors favorite song.


Right before the group came on we saw a band named Judgement Day.
Now you had to be there to understand this group.
They are a heavy metal string band...
Sound strange?
I was very shocked when I found out!
The instruments consist of a cello, violinist, and a drum.
I know it sounds nuts but man they were so good!
The drum set did not look like a normal drum set.
The drum had a pail that was upside down that make some cool sounds.
The drummer also had two sets of drum sticks for different sound effects.
They were pretty amazing!
While they were playing they also had a screen playing video.
At one point they showed two kids opening a present.
Wrapped up was a Violin Hero ---> Guitar Hero.
They then played along and it was crazy to watch.
Here's a link of a music video.
Be ready to be amazed!

Judgement day

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