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Friday, May 20, 2011

Teacher of the week?

This was a big surprise to me...
Apparently I was doing my job well?
As most of you know this year has been a rough year.
There have been days that I've wanted to quit because the kids didn't seem to want to learn anything.
It was as if I was just babysitting.
There are days that I am not sure if my students are learning any of my objectives...
but I don't give up and just keep going.
I feel like this school year I am always on the go!
There is no time to stop...
I still can't believe that I got teacher of the week...
It's only been two weeks since this started at my school.
Some how I was doing the right thing.
I don't believe that I am an amazing teacher...
There are still a lot of things I need to learn.
There are many teachers at my school who are awesome and deserve being teacher of the week!
They work really hard and always finding new ways to teach our students.
On the upside...
I got to leave school early today.
Always a plus to beat the traffic!

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